Eleanor Perry

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Mutilated Existence: Poetry as a Means of Interrogating Notions of Femininity and Female Sexuality in Mass Culture

Eleanor Perry

a performance paper that seeks to both investigate and reflect upon ways in which poetry can be used to interrogate the relationship between the lexicon of mass culture and the construction of gender identities. Taking as a starting point the current debate over questions of representation in the media (most notably the issues of objectification and sexual liberation present in the recent public exchanges between Miley Cyrus, Sinead O’Connor, and Amanda Palmer), as well as de Beauvoir’s notions of the female body and of women’s ‘mutilated existence’[1], I will seek to explore the relevance poetry has in the context of these debates, and the capacity it has to address the portrayal of women in the media, and gender preconceptions in society at large.

Sun, 27 Apr 14 2