Bethan Jones

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Porn Audiences and Prosumption: A Fannish Space in Porn

Bethan Jones

How do we imagine pornography and its dis/pleasures in the increasingly digital age which troubles the divide between text and audience? Our panel takes as its starting point Jennifer Wicke’s statement ‘All the valences of affect used to discuss consumer states of mind come into play with redoubled fervor and seeming relevance when translated into the arena of pornography consumption – satiety, passivity, absorption’ (1991: 68). Moving away from the traditional hyperdermic needle model of consumption, these papers aim to rethink porn audiences not as passive consumers but instead as prosumers, actively engaged in reading, re-reading and re-writing pornography through a myriad of modes. From an interdisciplinary combination of academics and artist, this panel examines the re/production of pornography through gifs, fanfiction and queer artistic re-staging, all of which produce a space in which the homogeneity of pornography can be problematised, queered and re-imagined.

Sun, 27 Apr 14 2