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George Szirtes - Honourary Graduate

George Szirtes

"What had chiefly attracted me back then was the generous provision of studio time and the availablity of a studio in the cellar of the disused car showroom then used by Goldsmiths for the course. The college seemed to accept that one’s life as an artist had not come to an end with teaching. You could teach and yet be an artist." Poet, Royal Society of Literature Fellow and Goldsmiths alumnus George Szirtes came to England as a refugee when he was eight years old. His poems have been published since the 1970s, with his first book winning the Faber Memorial Prize in 1980. Since then he has written many poetry collections, winning awards including the T S Eliot Prize (2005). He also works extensively as a translator, and has received accolades for his translations too, including the 2013 Best Translated Book Award.

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