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The Action of Non-Action: Benjamin, Daoism, and the Image

Julia Ng

Julia Ng is Lecturer in Critical and Cultural Theory at CCS, Goldsmiths, where she researches on the intersection of philosophy, political theory, aesthetics, and literary theory, particularly in the work of Walter Benjamin. She has published on Benjamin’s relation to neo-Kantianism, contemporaneous mathematics, and Marx, and is working on two book projects: Conditions of Impossibility and Body, Force, Right: Towards a Literary Theory of Posthumous Life.

Tue, 10 Mar 15 0

The Poverty in Art

Julia Ng

Historians of art and literature since Kant have known about an aspect of the present that is absolutely unlivable because of some excessive nearness to its end. Yet this aspect is also unlived: the moment in which we return to affirm its presence we become truly contemporary. This lecture pursues a trajectory to genuine futurity through episodes illustrative of the capacity to enter into relation with the unthought, unactualized, and unlived. Julia Ng is a lecturer in MA Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths. Recorded on 1 December 2014

Mon, 12 Jan 15 0