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Andrea Phillips : Art and Property

Andrea Phillips

How can artists and their collaborators reconcile any claim for the radical redistribution and dispersed ownership of their practice in the context of the art market, wherein a particularly unregulated form of privatization is affirmed in each commercial transaction, and in which all spaces, including those nominally termed ‘public’, are marked by the acquisition of art-property? Is the structure of artistic labour, at its core, based on the production and circulation of private property rather than social wealth? How might we imagine artworks functioning differently, unhinged from their participation in the uneven circulation of capital?

Mon, 04 Mar 13 0

Making a Difference 1

Andrea Phillips

In a brief interview, Sean Bye (Goldsmiths Enterprise) and Dr. Andrea Phillips (Reader in Fine Art) discuss the Making a Difference initiative. We look at some examples of how research here, and across higher education, goes well beyond accepted notions of Impact.

Mon, 11 Feb 13 0