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Forget the Book 3

Janis Jefferies

In Part 3 of this discussion, Doug Sery of MIT press invites suggestions for more experiments in academic publishing.

Sat, 25 May 13 0

Forget the Book 1

Janis Jefferies

To what extent do changes in the industry constrain and facilitate the possibilities of academic writing and publishing including, for example, more co-authored and collaborative work; multimedia publishing; variations in length (currently constrained by standardized articles, chapters and monographs) and speed of output and perhaps even a less rigid adherence to the division between academic and non-academic writing which might enable us to consider, for example, the graphic novel as a possible mode of academic output.

Thu, 23 May 13 0

Thursday Club Geography of Craft and Creativity

Janis Jefferies

The first Thursday Club of Autumn 2012. Discussing the geography of creativity were - Laura Price, PhD student in the Geography Department, Royal Holloway, University of London. Sara Heitlinger, researcher, artist and writer with a background in Computer Science. Sophie McDonald, a creative technology workshop producer and co-founder of MzTEK and

Tue, 30 Oct 12 2