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Taking Live Methods to Berlin

Nirmal Puwar

Les Back talks to Nirmal Puwar about their book Live Methods on location in Berlin, where they gave a lecture at the Humboldt University. They also reflect on running a workshop where 25 students put their ideas to work in a group ethnography experiment on the hotel lobby as a public space. Manuela Bojadzijev, who hosted the event, reflects on what her students got out of this experiment and what it revealed about Berlin's tourist economy.

Wed, 12 Feb 14 0

Stand + Stare Mass Observation Jukebox

Nirmal Puwar

The Mass Observation Archive has documented everyday life in Britain since 1937. Lucy and Barney Heywood, from Stand + Stare, have captured snatches. Students, staff and members of the public were invited to hear of their methods and try out their jukebox in this interactive presentation

Wed, 31 Oct 12 0