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Latest Publications in 2022 

Anglada-Tort M, Schofield K, Trahan T, Mullensiefen D (2022) I’ve heard that brand before: the role of music recognition on consumer choice. International Journal of Advertising.  

Bignardi G, Chamberlain R, Kevenaar ST, Tamimy Z, Boomsma DI (2022) On the etiology of aesthetic chills: a behavioral genetic study. Scientific Reports.  

Charlton RA, McQuaid GA, Wallace GL (2022) Social support and links to quality of life among middle-aged and older autistic adults. Autism.  

Cocchini G, Beschin N (2022) The fluff-test: improved scoring system to account for different degrees of contralesional and ipsilesional personal neglect in brain damaged patients. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation 32(1): 69-83.  

Cracco E, Lee H, van Belle G, Quenon L, Haggard P, Rossion B, Orgs G (2022) EEG frequency tagging reveals the integration of form and motion cues into the perception of group movement. Cerebral Cortex

Davies E, Read J, Shevlin M (2022) Childhood adversities among students at an English University: A latent class analysis. J Trauma & Dissociation 23(1): 79-96.  

Della Sala S, Cocchini G et al. (2022) VATA-ADL: The visual analogue test for anosognosia for activities of daily living. Arch Clinical Neuropsych.   

Douglas-Kirk P, Grierson M, Ward NS, Brander F, Kelly K, Chegwidden W, Shivji D, Stewart L (2022) Real-time auditory feedback may reduce abnormal movements in patients with chronic stroke. Disability and Rehabilitation.  

Flynn A, Powell A, Scott AJ, Cama E (2022) Deepfakes and digitally altered imagery abuse: a cross-country exploration of an emerging form of image-based sexual abuse. British Journal of Criminology.   

Gabbert F, Hope L, Horry R, Drain T, Hughes C (2022) Examining the efficacy of a digital version of the self-administered interview. Computers in Human Behavior Reports 5, 100159.  

Geagea D, Griffin B, Kimble R, Polito V, Terhune D, Tyack Z (2022) Hypnotherapy for procedural pain, itch, and state anxiety in children with acute burns: a feasibility and acceptability study protocol. Pilot Feasibility Studies.  

Hein TP, Ruiz MH (2022) State anxiety alters the neural oscillatory correlates of predictions and prediction errors during reward-based learning. Neuroimage

Hope L, …., Gabbert F, …., Wells S (2022) Urgent issues and prospects at the intersection of culture, memory, and witness interviews: Exploring the challenges for research and practice. Legal and Criminological Psychology.  

Ivanski C, Humphries S, van Dalen-Oskam K, Mar RA (2022) Do we judge fiction by the auhor’s gender? Media Psychology. doi: 10.1027/1864-1105/a000319  

Kekecs Z, …, Terhune DB, …, Whorwell PJ (2022) Guidelines for the assessment of efficacy of clinical hypnosis applications. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis 70(2).  

Kiss L, Linnell KJ (2022) Making sense of background music listening habits: an arousal and task-complexity account. Psychology of Music.  

Lewis KJS, Martin J, Gregory AM, Anney R, Thapar A, Langley K (2022) Sleep disturbances in ADHD: investigating the contribution of polygenic liability for ADHD and sleep related phenotypes. Eur Child & Adolescent Psychiatr.  

Lin H-R, Kopiez R, Müllensiefen D, Hasselhorn J (2022) Predicting academic achievement in music secondary schools: The role of personality and self-theories of musicality. Psychology of Music.  

Liptak TA, Omigie D, Floridou GA (2022) The idiosyncrasy of involuntary musical imagery repition (IMIR) experiences: the role of temp and lyrics. Music Perception 39(3): 320-338.  

Luke DP, Lungu L, Friday R, Terhune DB (2022) The chemical induction of synaesthesia. Hum Psychopharmacol.  

Mainwaring C, Gabbert F, Scott AJ (2022) A systematic review exploring variables related to bystander intervention in sexual violence contexts. Trauma, Violence, & Abuse.  

Marcusson-Clavertz D, Persson SD, Cardena E, Terhune DB, Gort C, Kuehner C (2022) The contribution of latent factors of executive functioning to mind wandering: an experience sampling study. Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications.  

Mercure E, Bright P, Quiroz I, Filippi R (2022) Effect of infant bilingualism on audiovisual integration in a McGurk task. J Exp Child Psych.  

Mylonas D, Caparos S, Davidoff J (2022) Augmenting a colour lexicon. Humanities & Social Sciences Communications.  

Nikolic M, Hannigan LJ, Krebs G, Sterne A, Gregory AM, Eley TC (2022) Aetiology of shame and its association with adolescent depression and anxiety: results from a prospective twin and sibling study. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 63, 99-108.   

Omigie D, Ricci J (2022) Accounting for expressions of curiosity and enjoyment during music listening. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts.  

Passarotto E, Preckel F, Schneider M, Müllensiefen D (2022) Deliberate practice in music: Development and psychometric validation of a standardized measurement instrument. Psychology of Music.   

Polychroni N, Ruiz MH, Terhune D (2022) Introspection confidence predicts EEG decoding of self-generated thoughts and meta-awareness. Human Brain Mapping.  

Powell A, Scott AJ, Flynn A, McCook S (2022) Perception of image-based sexual abuse: extent, nature and correlates in a multi-country sample. J Interpersonal Violence.  

Reshetnikov M, Terhune DB (2022) Taxometric evidence for a dimensional latent structure of hypnotic suggestibility. Consciousness and Cognition.  

Sadibolova R, Monaldi L, Terhune DB (2022) A proxy measure of striatal dopamine predicts individual differences in temporal precision. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review.  

Silas S, Mullensiefen D, Gelding R, Frieler K, Harrison PMC (2022) The associations between music training, musical working memory, and visuospatial working memory: an opportunity for causal modeling. Music Perception 39(4), 401-420.  

Smith DM, Terhune DB (2022) Peduncolopontine-induced cortical decoupling as the neurophysiological locus of dissociation. Psychological Review.  

Stewart GR, Corbett A, Ballard C, Creese B, Aarsland D, Hampshire A, Charlton RA, Happe F (2022) Traumatic life experiences and post-traumatic stress symptomps in middle-aged and older adults with and without autistic traits. Int J Geriatr Psychiatr.  

Stewart L et al (2022) Social singing, culture and health: interdisciplinary insights from the CHIME project for perinatal mental health in The Gambia. Health Promotion Intl.  

Swart TR, Banissy MJ, Hein TP, Bruña R, Pereda E, Bhattacharya J (2022) ASMR amplifies low frequency and reduces high frequency oscillations. Cortex.  

Thomas ER, Yon D, de Lange FP, Press C (2022) Action enhances predicted touch. Psychological Science.  

Tsigeman E, Silas S, Frieler S, Likhanov M, Gelding R, Kovas Y, Müllensiefen D (2022) The Jack and Jill adaptive working memory task: Construction, calibration and validation. PLoS ONE.  

West K, Greenland K, van Laar C, Barnoth D (2022) It’s only discrimination when they do it to us: When white men use ingroup-serving double standards in definitional boundaries of discrimination. Eur J Soc Psych.

Prof. Yulia Kovas and Fatos Selita have written a new book, Oedipus Rex in the Genomic Era, providing an accessible overview of latest developments in behavioural genetics. Check out the interview of the authors.