The Social Processes and Personality Group members

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A portrait of Dr. Andrew Cooper

Dr. Andrew Cooper

Andrew's research understands how variations in personality traits is underpinned by emotional and motivational states.

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Chris French

Chris French

Chris is an expert in the area of anomalistic psychology, focusing upon non- paranormal explanations for ostensibly paranormal experiences. He also has expertise in false memory research.

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A portrait of Dr Agniesszka Golec de Zavala

Dr Agniesszka Golec de Zavala

Agniesszka has contributed to several diverse research areas, including psychological predictors of political conservatism, the role of motivated cognition in intergroup conflict, social identity, narcissism and collective narcissisms.

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A portrait of Dr. Madoka Kumashiro

Dr. Madoka Kumashiro

Madoka is a personality and social psychologist whose primary research interest is in the areas of personal growth and well-being.

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A portrait of Prof. Alan Pickering

Prof. Alan Pickering

Alan's research aims to understand the cognitive functions and behaviours that are affected by rewards.

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A portrait of Dr. Keon West

Dr. Keon West

Keon is a Reader in Social Psychology, the Director of Equalab , a council member for the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (founded 1936) and an editorial board member for the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

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A portrait of Professor Michael Banissy

Professor Michael Banissy

Michael is a Professor of Psychology at Goldsmiths, where he is Co-Head of Department. He has contributed to several diverse research areas, including social perception, social cognition, creativity, synaesthesia, and brain stimulation.

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