Andy du Rocher

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PositionPhD student
Department Psychology
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Phone+44 (0)20 02079197823
Andy du Rocher

My doctoral research  is supervised by Prof. Alan Pickering and Dr Andy Cooper. I am using multiple converging methodologies to investigate how attention and cognitive control are affected by emotion and personality. More specificaly, I am using conflict paradigms that will activate the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), which is implicated in cogntive control, emotion processing and is also integral to biological theories of personality. By using both computerised cognitive tasks and psychometric measures of individual difference variables, it should be possible to ilucidate how variations in the cognitive processing of emotional conflict are related to personality. In particular I am interested in the cognitive correlates of behavioural inhibition (anxiety) and behavioural approach motivation (extraversion). I am also interested in how individual differences in self-reported attentional control modulate the relationship between the personality traits and performance during the cognitive-emotional  conflict tasks. I will  replicate these studies in the EEG laboratory in order to investigate the neuro-physiological basis of individual differences in emotional conflict processing. 

Academic qualifications

MSc (Distinction) Psychological Research Methods   (Birkbeck College)

BSc (First Class) honours Psychology (University of East London)


Second year tutorial tutor for three groups (14, 16, 17) undertaking PS52003A; PS52001A; PS52002B; PS52006B; PS52004B,

and also first year lab report  marking.