Bianca Ivanof

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PositionPhD Student
Department Psychology
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Bianca Ivanof

I study sense of agency under the supervision of Dr James Moore and Dr Devin Terhune. The sense of agency refers to the feeling of being in the driving seat when it comes to our actions. As part of my PhD, I am investigating sense of agency’s relationship with learning by employing behavioural and neurological methods. I also have an interest in free will, philosophy of science and advanced statistics.

In the past, I conducted research in curiosity, memory and learning with my former supervisor at Kingston University, Dr Giulia Galli.

Research Interests

  • all aspects of sense of agency
  • learning, curiosity, free will, decision-making
  • philosophy of science, advanced statistics, Bayesian reasoning
  • member of both James Moore’s and Devin Terhune’s labs