Dr Jane Lessiter

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PositionSenior Research Psychologist, i2 media research, Research Fellow
Department Psychology
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Phone+44 (0)20 7717 2201
Dr Jane Lessiter

I have worked at i2 media research ltd. since it was founded in 2002. At i2, I specialise in research on the consumer experience of digital media products and services, and work across i2’s project portfolio on both commissioned and academic research. This has included:

  • development of assessments to measure quality of media experiences (e.g., ITC-Sense of Presence Inventory)
  • identification of user requirements and unmet needs from products and services
  • accessibility and usability considerations in product and service design with a particular interest in the experiences of people with visual impairment
  • user/consumer segmentations and exploration of respective drivers and barriers to product/service adoption and use
  • evaluation of marketing communications and information campaigns (e.g., conducting research for ITC, Ofcom, Digital UK, and Government departments to inform the successful roll out of digital television switchover)
  • collection and use of personal data for digital media products and services - issues of privacy, security and perceptions of risk

Academic qualifications

BSc PhD CPsychol



A Cross-Media Presence Questionnaire: The ITC-Sense of Presence Inventory
Lessiter, Jane; Freeman, Jonathan; Davidoff, Jules B. and Keogh, Edmund. 2001. A Cross-Media Presence Questionnaire: The ITC-Sense of Presence Inventory. Presence Teleoperators and Virtual Environments, 10(3), pp. 282-297. ISSN 10547460

Conference or Workshop Item

CaveUDK: a VR game engine middleware
Lugrin, Jean-Luc; Charles, Fred; Cavazza, Marc; Le Renard, Marc; Freeman, Jonathan and Lessiter, Jane. 2012. 'CaveUDK: a VR game engine middleware'. In: Proceedings of the 18th ACM symposium on Virtual reality software and technology. Toronto, Canada.