Diego Nardi

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PositionPhD student
Department Psychology
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In carrying out research on applied memory, I've worked on projects linked to cognitive and social aspects involved in investigative interviewing, eyewitness memory, and suggestibility. The overall aim of my work is to gain a better insight into the underlying cognitive processes required to eyewitnesses and victims during an investigation, and thereby improve the quality of the evidence provided.

My PhD research will examine how individual differences in key cognitive abilities correlate with the performance of eyewitnesses in relevant tasks. General theories are not sufficient to produce such an understanding in the applied field; therefore, the relationship between selected cognitive abilities will be analysed. In addition, the correlation between them and eyewitnesses' reliability of evidence will be explored. The ultimate goal is to develop a screening tool for the police to use to identify witnesses who are most likely to be able to provide reliable evidence and make accurate identifications, helping police forces to develop major leads during an investigation with the most efficient use of time and resources.