Panos Papaeconomou

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PositionPhD student
Department Psychology
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Phone+44 (0)20 7717 2226

My research focuses on the psychological and contextual factors that influence risky choice preferences and financial decision-making using paradigms from behavior economics, neuroeconomics, and personality theory. Other than trying to “get the psychology right” in choosing assumptions that would help explain and model economic behavior, am looking not only in understanding and optimizing human decision making in a controlled lab setting but also finding ways to improve real life decision making skills. Devising and testing simple formal models which apply across contexts, domains and make predictions about everyday decision making behaviour—i.e. investment behaviour, savings and consumer spending behavior—is a way to identify underlying individual differences that influence risk taking behaviour and biases affecting the decision making process and its final outcomes.

Academic qualifications

MSc. Research Methods in Psychology, University College London

MPhil. Psychology, Edinburgh University

PhD Goldsmiths, University of London

Research Interests

Anomalies in economic behavior, Individual differences and financial decision-making under risk and uncertainty, learning and social influence in financial risk taking behaviour, descriptive models of risky choice and human decision making behavior, relation of behavioral economics to other disciplines and how they can inform public and economic policy and information security.