Annual Programme Review


Annual Programme Review is the cornerstone of the quality assurance process. It gives departments the opportunity to reflect upon the teaching and operation of a programme or a group of cognate programmes in the previous academic year, to identify successes and good practice which could be shared throughout the College and to identify any issues which require resolution.

Departments and Centres (with taught undergraduate and/or postgraduate programmes) are required to provide, as a minimum, at least one report on undergraduate programmes and at least one report on postgraduate programmes. Joint programmes should be discussed in a separate report which is the result of evaluation by both departments.

Programme monitoring and the Annual Programme Reporting process

Programme monitoring takes place through Departmental Staff/Student Forums, which must meet at least twice per academic year. Each academic department is required to convene a minimum of one forum for undergraduate programmes, and one for postgraduate programmes, but beyond this they are free to take the initiative in deciding how their programmes may best be split into representative groups for monitoring purposes. As student feedback data is considered in the Annual Programme Report it makes sense for departments, if they choose, to group programmes for Annual Programme Report in the same way as for Staff/Student Forums.

An APR may be written for every single programme, or departments may group cognate programmes for reporting purposes, or any arrangement in between provided that departments write at least one undergraduate report and at least one postgraduate report and a separate report on joint programmes which is the result of evaluation by both of the departments involved. What is common to all programmes, and what is distinct to particular programmes, should be clearly identified in the report. 


The Annual Programme Review report is due for submission to the Quality Office in early December each year for all undergraduate programmes and by the end of February for postgraduate programmes.


Annual Programme Review Policy and Procedure [PDF download]

Annual Programme Review Report Template ‌[Word doc download]