External Examiners

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External Examiners are able to provide carefully considered advice on the academic standards of the awards, programmes and/or modules to which they have been assigned, and can offer advice on good practice and opportunities to enhance the quality of those programmes/modules. They are also able to offer an informed view of how standards compare with the same or similar awards at other higher education institutions (primarily in the UK, and sometimes overseas as well) of which they have experience.

Awarding institutions expect their External Examiners to provide informative comment and recommendations upon whether or not:

  • an institution is maintaining the threshold academic standards set for its awards in accordance with the frameworks for higher education qualifications and applicable subject benchmark statements;
  • the assessment process measures student achievement rigorously and fairly against the intended outcomes of the programme(s) and is conducted in line with the institution's policies and regulations;
  • the academic standards and the achievements of students are comparable with those in other UK higher education institutions of which the external examiners have experience.

External Examiners guidelines and report forms

External and Intercollegiate Examiner guidelines

External Examiner nomination form

External Examiner report forms

External Examiner Reports 

External Examiner Reports for the past 3 years are available on the External Examiners Archive (accessible only with an Goldsmiths' login)