University of London International Programmes



The University of London International Programmes, which was established by the University in 1858, provides an opportunity for students around the world to gain an award of the University of London without the requirement to be in attendance at one of its colleges. The University currently has over 50,000 students worldwide, who study through flexible and distance learning. Students are registered with the University of London, the administrative infrastructure is provided by the University of London International Academy and, on successful completion of their course, students receive an award from the University of London.

The University of London International Programmes is a partnership of the University of London colleges and the University of London International Academy. The academic direction of the programmes is the responsibility of a particular University of London college (or consortium of colleges), known as the 'Lead College'. Each programme, or group of programmes, is led by a Programme Director who is a staff member of the college or colleges concerned.

Goldsmiths' contribution to the University of London International Programmes

Goldsmiths provides the academic leadership for the English and Computing programmes. The University of London International Academy provides students with materials to assist them with self-directed learning and a subject guide for each course that they study. Some students choose to study completely independently while others choose to enrol with a local institution for academic support and contact with other students.

The awards offered on the English programme are: BA in English, Diploma of Higher Education in English and Certificate of Higher Education in English. Following a successful bid for funding to redevelop the English programme, new courses were developed and the programme now offers online tuition and support through a virtual learning environment (VLE) which enables students to participate in tutor group forums (Level 4) and e-seminars (Levels 5 and 6), submit essays for formative assessment in preparation for examinations, benefit from the Learning Support Forum and use the online library.

Two Computing programmes are offered: the BSc/Certificate of Higher Education in Computing and Information Systems and the BSc/Certificate of Higher Education in Creative Computing. The Level 4 Certificates of Higher Education are aimed at students who do not necessarily have the qualifications that are required for entry to the degree. Students are required to attend classes at an institution that is authorised to teach for the Certificate of Higher Education so that additional support is available. Successful students progress to Level 5 of the related degree and are given full credit for the Level 4 courses passed. All students benefit from increasing VLE interactivity and receive feedback on their coursework through the provision of interim grades; in addition, individual feedback is provided for a small number of courses.

Combined Degree Scheme

The University of London International Academy launched a Combined Degree Scheme in 2012-13, which gives students more flexibility, as they are now able to study two subjects as major/minor pathways. The subjects that are offered are: English, Theology and Philosophy as major/minor subjects and Computing as a minor subject.

New programmes

The University of London International Academy is willing to consider extending the range of options it offers, providing that any new proposals do not conflict with existing programmes. It may be possible to add courses in subjects that complement the programmes that are already part of the Combined Degree Scheme and to develop a full degree if there is sufficient interest in the new subject.

If you are interested in finding out more, or think that your department may be interested in participating, please contact the International Programmes Administrator, Margaret Stern, on 020 7919 7408 or m.stern (