Programme Approval and Amendment


Programme Approval

Proposed new programmes are considered for approval in the light of both academic and planning criteria, including a consideration of the resource implications of any proposal. The first stage of programme approval involves the submission of proposals to the Academic Development Committee (ADC). ADC is the key committee of Academic Board responsible for strategic development and evaluation of the College's portfolio of academic programmes, delivered independently or in partnership with other institutions. It considers the relationship of new programme ideas and proposals to strategically defined principles and advises the College's Senior Management Team (SMT) and Academic Board on the strengths and risks associated with possible new taught programmes from a range of perspectives, including their intellectual content, their fit with patterns of student demand, their proposed modes of delivery and the associated business cases. It gives approval for programmes in terms of their proposed thematic content and broadly defined structure. If SMT endorses the launch of the programme, following an evaluation of the financial and other strategic issues, this is subject to the approval of the detailed structure and curriculum content by the Programme Scrutiny Sub-Committee. The responsibility for the academic approval of programmes is delegated by the Academic Board to the Programme Scrutiny Sub-Committee (PSSC). PSSC is the second and final stage of the programme approval process.

The procedure is designed to ensure that full consideration is given to all factors which determine whether a programme should be offered.


Advice on the appropriate Programme Specification Template for the new programme proposal can be sought from the Quality Office.

Approval of amendments to programmes and modules

Amendments to programmes are grouped into four categories with different level of approval required. The Quality Office can advise you on what constitutes a major or a minor amendment to a programme.

Minor and Major Programme Amendment Policy (PDF)

Major Minor Amendment Flowchart (PDF)

Timeline for Programme Amendment (PDF)