Appointing a Race Justice Strategy Board Co-Chair

Goldsmiths Race Justice Strategy Board is seeking to appoint an Independent Co-Chair to support their meetings and bring an external perspective to their work.

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In September 2020 Goldsmiths established a Race Justice Strategy Board to monitor and evaluate all aspects of the College’s race justice work. The Board is chaired by the Warden, Professor Frances Corner, with membership drawn from across the College’s academic schools, professional service teams, recognised unions and representative groups.

Establishing a body to oversee race justice work was one of the demands agreed with Goldsmiths Anti-Racist Action (GARA), following a 137-day occupation of the Deptford Town Hall building.

The Racial Justice Strategy Board is a strategic board that monitors and evaluates all aspects of the College’s race justice strategy. The Board’s two principal responsibilities are:

  • To consider and advise on the development of a Race Justice Strategy to recommend to the Senior Management team and Council for formal approval
  • To consider and advise on the development of a Race Equality Long Term Plan

In the Board’s first two meetings, it was agreed that an Independent Co-Chair should be appointed to sit alongside the Warden as the College Chair. The Independent Co-Chair will provide an external perspective to Goldsmiths’ work and bring expertise through their professional experience.

The Independent Co-Chair will not work operationally with the College to deliver a strategy or actions, instead, they will be a critical part of the group that monitors the College’s delivery of a race justice strategy and thereby support the College’s anti-racism work in order to change the experience of, and outcomes for, staff and students.

Responsibilities skill set

The Independent Co-Chair will chair one of the two Board meetings held each term. Each of these meetings will focus on a particular area of the race justice strategy and the College’s work in relation to the identified area. The Warden, as College Chair, will lead the other meeting each term, although the Independent Co-Chair would be expected to attend and contribute to all discussions.

The Independent Co-Chair would also interact over email with the College Chair, Board Secretary and Race Equality Manager to monitor progress against the work programme and provide an external perspective to the planning of Race Justice Strategy Board meetings.

Applications are sought from those who have significant professional experience of race equality work consistent with the responsibilities of the Board, have lived experiences of the issues that will be addressed by the Board, and who are highly facilitative in their approach.

Experience of operating in an education setting, of working with communities in South East London, and of building the profile of race equality work publicly are also highly desirable.

The post holder will not be directly employed by Goldsmiths, though a fee of £250 per meeting will be provided to recognise the time commitment and to cover any expenses. Board Meetings are currently held over Microsoft Teams, owing to public health restrictions.

The Independent Co-Chair would be appointed for an initial period of two years.

Applying for the post

To apply, please provide the details requested in this form and upload a statement of suitability for the role of no more than two sides of A4 and a short CV.

Your CV should include the name and contact details of two people who could be asked to provide a short reference. Your statement of suitability should cover:

  • professional experience of race equality work (essential)
  • professional experience of facilitative chairing of groups (essential)
  • personal commitment to race equality (essential)
  • experience of operating in an education or higher education setting (desirable)
  • knowledge of South East London (desirable)
  • experience of building the profile of race equality work publicly (desirable)

Those who wish to apply can contact wardensoffice ( to be put in touch with a member of the Board, should they wish to find out more about the Board.

The deadline for submitting applications is 5pm Thursday 15 April, with short interviews scheduled for 29 April, for shortlisted candidates.