Lewisham People’s Day 2015 - Festival Fugitive


Forensic psychologists conduct mock missing persons experiment with the public.

In July 2015, Goldsmiths’ Forensic Psychology Unit conducted an interactive, mock missing persons experiment at Lewisham People’s Day, South East London’s largest free one-day festival. 

Mock missing persons posters were placed throughout the festival encouraging visitors to look out for the 'Festival Fugitive', an actor circulating throughout the site. Anyone who was able to identify the actor was asked to come forward to the Goldsmiths pitch and provide a detailed description, including when and where they saw them.

The experiment tested participant's memory and observational skills, while the data gathered contributed to active research in the Unit. Everyone who took part was entered into a draw for £100 in online shopping vouchers.

Visitors to the Goldsmiths tent were also given the opportunity to take part in other psychology experiements, including a test to identify people with heightened facial recognition abilities, so-called 'super-recognisers'. 

Some images from the day: