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Invention, Creativity and Experience

Goldsmiths' researchers endeavour to shape the contemporary world as much as we are shaped by it.

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We’re often told technology has the capacity to transform our world, and in many ways it has. But human hopes, aspirations, challenges and desires remain the same. Invention, Creativity and Experience is looking to a more radical future, where it is these human factors that drive technological and societal change. 
These are challenges that cannot be addressed through a single lens.  That’s why we’ve brought together computer scientists and artists, psychologists and musicians, sociologists and designers to seek to understand these new intersections and create new forms of artistic practice in response. 
We work with an ever-expanding range of industry partners, and public and charitable organisations of all kinds, locally and internationally, and if you share our vision of the future we’d be very keen to hear from you.
Streams - Creativity, Aesthetics and Invention in the Digital Age, Mixed Realities: Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Audio-Visuality (AV)



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Mick GriersonTheme Champion

Mick Grierson
"Invention, Creativity and Experience is looking towards a more radical future"

Mick Grierson is a Professor in the Department of Computing at Goldsmiths. His research explores new approaches to the creation of sounds, images, video and interactions through signal processing, machine learning and information retrieval techniques. Hardware and software based on his research has been widely used by world leading production companies, tech startups and artists including the BBC, Channel 4, Sigur Ros, Christian Marclay, Martin Creed and many others. He is Principal Investigator on the £1million Artificial Intelligence project, MIMIC, which is a partnership between Durham University, Sussex University, and Google's Project Magenta.

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