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Social and Economic Justice

Goldsmiths researchers take a collaborative approach to challenging the inequalities of the 21st century.

Research theme overview

At Goldsmiths we are intensely interested in, and motivated by, inequality, injustice and discrimination. Our interest is not just theoretical. Whether it is building alternative economic futures, finding new ways to live together in cities or exploring different ways to conceptualise mobility we use novel combinations of theories and methods to answer pressing social questions.

We create our own vocabulary to replace intractable, dead end questions, setting a new research agenda that is equitable and problem focused. 

Streams - Alternative Economic Futures, Cities and Inequalities, Migration, Mobilities, Displacements.

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Social and Economic JusticeTheme

Social and Economic Justice
"Bridging the gap between Goldsmiths and the rest of the world, we want to find answers to questions that people care about."

Our research breathes life into a stalled, orthodox debate. Can we imagine a more equitable collective future? A future that frames migration as a global, historical question rather than a ‘problem’ to be solved? An approach that views our lives together in cities as creating enormous potential for creativity, conviviality and invention, as well as pressing shared challenges?

We aim to recast social enquiry as a collective endeavour that is hopeful and progressive, mindful of the local communities in which we are embedded and of the global networks that must be activated in order to solve global historical problems.

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