Research Unit in Governance and Democracy (RUGD)

Research Unit in Governance and Democracy (RUGD)

The institutional architecture of contemporary politics is changing in response to a post-Cold War, globalised environment.

Politics and International Relations

Democratic values are being recast in relation to new social antagonisms at both domestic and international levels.

In certain areas, national government has been displaced by forms of governance 'above' and 'below' the nation state, transforming the scale of political activity and the scope of policy.

RUGD provides a space for the research and discussion of these changes. Its remit is broad, covering new developments in political ideas and institutions, as they relate to the actual and/or prospective context of governance and democracy, at both national, sub-national and international levels. In particular, its focus is on the interconnection between normative ideas of democracy and institutional arrangements.

The Director of RUGD is Dr Carl Levy, who deals with the daily business of seminar organisation, the web-site, publications and publicity, etc.

RUGD welcomes applicants from academic staff and postgraduate students to work under its auspices and to contribute to its development.


RUGD encourages research activity over matters of governance and democracy and the dissemination of such research for academic purposes. To this end it directs attention to the following activities:

  • Funded research in the areas of governance and democracy
  • Regular seminars with papers given by scholars both within and outside Goldsmiths
  • Publications of research in the form of working papers and collections of conference papers
  • Encouraging postgraduate students to attend seminars and engage with the Unit's research activities
  • Conferences


For more information on RUGD, its activities, plans for the future and opportunities for postgraduate study, please contact Dr Carl Levy

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