Careers education & guidance for prospective students


Enhance your careers advice with our Pre-Entry Careers Consultant, who can deliver information and guidance to local schools and colleges in the form of workshops, presentations and interviews with students, and training sessions with staff.

Uniquely within the University of London, the Goldsmiths Careers Service employs a professionally qualified Careers Consultant to work specifically with prospective students. The Consultant is available to work with schools and colleges to enhance their careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) offering.

This offer is mainly aimed at local schools and colleges, as part of our outreach and widening participation programme, and includes: 

  • interactive workshops or presentations to students on topics like the graduate labour market, career options after university, post-18 options, and employability skills
  • training for school and college staff on graduate careers and employability, which may be particularly useful to those advising on post-18 options
  • one-to-one guidance interviews with students

Below you'll find more information about the kind of services we can offer. In addition to this, the Consultant can work with you to develop sessions and programmes that meet your school or college's particular needs. The sessions can be adapted for different year groups.


1. Understanding the graduate employment market

To give prospective students an understanding of what jobs are available to graduates and how their degree choice may impact on their future career.


  • To understand the typical destinations of graduates from a range of degree subjects
  • To understand the relationship between choice of degree subject and career choice
  • To understand current trends in graduate recruitment and the labour market
  • To consider how the world of work might be changing and how they could prepare for this

2. Careers with a degree in... (specific subject area, eg humanities)

To give prospective students an understanding of what career options could be available to them with their degree.


  • To reflect on the types of skills they will acquire through studying a (eg humanities) degree
  • To identify some roles where these skills may be required
  • To understand how else they can develop employability skills through their degree
  • To understand some typical graduate destinations

3. Job search skills

To give prospective students the tools they will need to be successful in finding work.


  • To understand what employers are looking for when they are recruiting
  • To understand how to present themselves on a CV or application
  • To learn how to perform effectively in a job interview

4. Post-18 options

To give prospective students an understanding of what is available to them post-18.


  • To understand the full range of post-18 options (higher education, employment, school leaver programmes, apprenticeships)
  • To understand the benefits of each and differences between options
  • To begin to identify which path might be most suitable for them
  • To develop an action plan for their next steps 

5. Employability skills

To give prospective students an understanding of the skills they will need in work.


  • To gain an understanding of a particular skill (eg team work, leadership time management)
  • To learn strategies to develop that skill
  • To reflect on evidence they already have for that skill, and learn how to present that to potential employers


Any of the interactive workshop sessions listed above can also be delivered as an information session to students or other audiences such as parents and school or college staff.


The consultant can offer training to school and college staff around graduate careers and employability, which may be of particular interest to those who have a role in advising on post-18 options.

One-to-one guidance interviews

The Consultant is able to offer 20-minute one-to-one career guidance interviews to young people.

The Consultant is a member of the Career Development Institute and subscribes to its Code of Ethical Practice, so the guidance is guaranteed to be professional, independent and impartial. One-to-one guidance interviews can be offered over a half day, full day, or alongside an evening event such as a parents’ evening.

A limited number of one-to-one interviews can be offered to each school or college. Schools or colleges may wish to consider if there is a particular group of students that would most benefit from one-to-one guidance. This can be discussed with the Consultant.

If you would like to discuss the options for workshops, or make any bookings on behalf of your school or college, please contact:

Deva Scott Robertshaw
Pre-Entry Careers Consultant
020 7919 5586
d.scottrobertshaw (

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