GPS Explore Subject Strands

Explore subject strands are the core of GPS. Each strand includes workshops and trips that'll ignite your passion for and deepen your knowledge of your subject.

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You can choose a subject that you’re currently studying or get an introduction to a subject that you've never had the opportunity to study before. 

We’ve grouped related subject areas together to form each strand. If you’re not sure on any of the strands, you can choose ‘Explore Choice’ which gives you the chance to pick a different strand for each activity.

In each Explore strand, you will attend lectures, workshops, and other activities relevant to the subject area. You’ll also have an opportunity to explore what student life is like at university and chat to current students. You’ll also be invited on a trip to central London to show how your subject can fit in with real-life careers and society (COVID-19 restrictions permitting). Previous trips have included the Royal Courts of Justice, Houses of Parliament, and the Design Museum.

We also host one-off lectures in subject areas not included in the strands below, including in Computing, English, and Creative Writing which all GPS students can attend.

Explore strands will be taking place in February and April and will run online.

You can learn more about each strand by expanding the sections below.

Explore Business

If you're interested in Economics, Management or Marketing.

How do you measure sentiment on social media? Which technologies do you need to launch a business? How does colour affect what we buy? What does effective leadership look like? How does coaching add value to the organisation? These are the kinds of questions we’re interested in exploring at Goldsmiths.

If you’re interested in Explore Business, you might also be interested in finding out more about degrees in the Institute of Management Studies.

Explore Creative

If you're interested in Art, Design, History of Art or Arts Management.

"My studies helped me to approach projects creatively and analytically, and I feel lucky to learn from the specialist tutors, a combination which I feel is very unique and special to Goldsmiths." – Kat, BA (Hons) History of Art

If you’re interested in Explore Creative, you might also be interested in finding out more about degrees in the Department of Art, Department of Design, or Department of Visual Cultures.

Explore Mind

If you're interested in Psychology or Neuroscience.

Psychology is about studying the brain and behaviour and attempting to understand why we act the way we do. In this strand, you'll question how we think, feel, behave and interact across topics as diverse as the supernatural, magic, friendships and group behaviour.

If you’re interested in Explore Mind, you might also be interested in finding out more about degrees in the Department of Psychology.

Explore Power

If you're interested in Law, Politics, International Relations or History.

"Without debate, the world wouldn’t be challenged. Without challenge, the world wouldn’t change. Discussion and debate within politics allow me to develop and express my opinions better; but more importantly, they force me to listen to and understand others." – GPS Explore Power leader

If you’re interested in Explore Power, you might also be interested in finding out more about degrees in the Department of Politics and International Relations.

Explore Society

If you’re interested in Anthropology, Sociology, Criminology or Religion.

"Goldsmiths do social and cultural anthropology specifically, that involves studying different cultures around the globe and not just from our perspective but also learning about all of these obscure places and different societies and how that bares upon our society and the political structures here. I’ve studied witchcraft in Africa, I’ve studied South America, I’ve studied landscapes in Australia, just everything." - Charlotte, BA (Hons) Anthropology

If you’re interested in Explore Society, you might also be interested in finding out more about degrees in the Department of Anthropology, or Department of Sociology.

Explore Word

 If you're interested in English, Creative Writing or Journalism.

From classical literature and linguistics to creative writing and contemporary fiction, we’re critical and creative. We encourage new writing and stimulate debate about all forms of literature.

If you’re interested in Explore Word, you might also be interested in finding out more about degrees in the Department of English and Creative Writing or in Journalism in the Department of Media, Communications and Cultural Studies.

Explore Choice

If you want to explore a range of different subjects.

On Explore Choice, you’ll be able to choose a different Explore strand for each session. You’ll also be able to choose any of the trips, giving you more flexibility to look at different subjects if you’re unsure what it is you want to study.