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Our team has a wealth of experience and knowledge to support your school and college and look forward to working with you and your students.

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Our team offers high-quality talks and workshops, both online and in-person, on all aspects of university and student life. If you’re interested in contacting a member of the team about their work, or to book one of us for a talk in your school or college, please get in touch.

Vicky Downie - Head of UK/EU Student Recruitment and Widening Participation

Vicky joined Goldsmiths in June 2020, having previously worked in student recruitment, marketing and widening participation roles in a range of universities across London and the South East. Vicky leads the team and oversees our strategic direction, including the access stage of Goldsmiths Access and Participation Plan. She’s also responsible for building relationships with strategic partners and stakeholders to support the team to achieve our objectives, but still loves to deliver a personal statement talk or workshop in schools and colleges when she can.

Student Recruitment

Elizabeth McCullough

Elizabeth McCullough - UK Student Recruitment Manager

Elizabeth is responsible for overseeing the projects delivered by the Student Recruitment team, which are designed to encourage high-quality applications to Goldsmiths. She also leads on our liaison with schools and colleges nationally.

Andy Roper

Andy Roper - UK Student Recruitment Officer

Andy is responsible for Goldsmiths Taster DaysYoung Writer Competitions, and the Teachers and Advisers Conference. He is also responsible for our monthly GoldNetwork Bulletin for Teachers and Advisers.

Sophie Farmer

Sophie Farmer - Student Recruitment Officer

Sophie is responsible for managing the Goldsmiths Progression Scheme and our virtual lecture series with Channel Talent.

Charlotte Stallman

Charlotte Stallman - EU Student Recruitment Officer

Charlotte is responsible for our student recruitment strategy in the European Union and Switzerland, regularly travelling in the region as well as coordinating on-campus activities for students at all study levels.

Thomas Blundell - Student Recruitment Coordinator

Thomas is responsible for organising our attendance at large-scale HE Fairs and events and offers logistical support across all UK Student Recruitment projects.

Widening Participation

Faye Yasmin - Widening Participation Manager

Faye is responsible for overseeing the projects delivered by the Widening Participation team. These are designed to support students, that are under-represented in higher education, to make informed decisions about their own educational pathways and aligns with our commitments in the Access and Participation Plan. She also leads on our partnerships work with local schools and colleges.

Jonathan Bridges

Jonathan Bridges - Widening Participation Officer

Jonathan is responsible for the annual DE:CONSTRUCT festival and our programme of Summer Schools. He is also responsible for our partnership with The Brilliant Club which supports students working alongside a Goldsmiths PhD candidate, to complete a written assignment. In addition, Jonathan works with an extensive range of schools/colleges to promote Higher Education, with a particular focus on those based in Essex and Kent.

Miranda Higgins - Widening Participation Officer

Miranda is responsible for our activities for care-experienced students, students with a disability, Gypsy, Traveller, Roma, Showmen and Boatmen (GTRSB) and mature learners (age 21+). Miranda leads on tailored activities for this group of students, Accessing HE and Discovery Days, as well as our annual Holiday Clubs for students in KS3 and KS5. Additionally, Miranda provides IAG support for schools and colleges, particularly Laser/OCN colleges and through our partnerships with AimHigher London and UniConnect.

Susie Kilburn - Widening Participation Officer

Susie is responsible for Goldsmiths Discovery Boxes, Discovery Days, Goldsmiths Progression Scheme (GPS) and GoldFutures Mentoring Scheme, developed to support KS3 students' self-efficacy. Susie also leads on the Goldsmiths Student Ambassador Scheme and oversees our partnership with TeamUp Tutoring, which provides tutoring to students from the local area in raising attainment. In addition to these projects, Susie works with a variety of schools and colleges to provide information, advice and guidance about Higher Education and future pathways.

Amy Petzoldt - Evaluation and Monitoring Officer

Amy leads on the monitoring and evaluation work for the Widening Participation projects and activity. This allows us to understand the impact of our projects and highlights the benefits, of our activities, to the students we engage.

If you have any questions for our team or are interested in any of the activities we have available you can get in touch with us via our enquiry form.