Channel Talent: Virtual Lectures


Goldsmiths partners with Channel Talent to host a series of webinars, showcasing interactive lectures from our academics to enhance your students’ learning.

With Channel Talent, we put on a selection of full lectures across a variety of subjects, and shorter talks in collaboration with other universities. All sessions are 1 hour in length, either a full hour with one of our academics or 3 x consecutive 20-minute sessions each with a different university. The webinars encourage students to engage and give their opinion, and allow them to hear those of other students from across the UK.

The webinars use simple PC-based technology or video conferencing equipment, and Channel Talent support schools and colleges with the set up and testing of the software.

This opportunity is primarily aimed at Year 12 and 13 students, though allowances can be made for Years 10 and 11 to participate. The content is often designed to reflect and extend on A-level/BTEC curriculum. We accept bookings from all group sizes, including a small group of interested students, a whole class, or even a whole year group.

We have the following sessions coming up next term and will update this page regularly with future events. For further information, please contact Sophie Farmer: or 020 7896 2746.


What’s it like to study

Thursday 24th September

2pm – 3pm


Computer Science

What’s it like to study

Wednesday 7th October

2pm – 3pm


Art and Design

Putting together a great portfolio for HE application

Friday 9th October

1pm – 1.45pm



Course and Career Talk from Alumni

Tuesday 20th October

1pm – 1.45pm



The Changing Landscape of Education

Thursday 22nd October

11.10am – 12.10pm



Role of Parliament

Wednesday 11th November

2pm – 3pm



The International Economy

Wednesday 18th November

9.30am – 10.30am