Course dates

Monday 20 Nov 2023
10am-4pm | 5 days

Course overview

Learn to write well, publish in international journals and deliver quality public presentations.

The course is available for group and 1:1 booking only in the following three formats. You can also register your interest by email at air ( to be invited to join a group. Alternatively, you can join Academic Writing and Publishing, Public Speaking and Presenting or our other Public Speaking courses.

  • Campus
  • Clients' Office
  • Online (Virtual Classroom) with live tutoring

100% of AIR income, beyond operational expense, is used towards education and research.

This 1-week course combines three key skills that are important for most people and essential for academics and researchers – writing, publishing and public speaking.

As science is becoming truly international, researchers are faced with the challenge of publishing in established international journals. Developing a strong publication and citation track record is a major challenge for all scientists.

Dissemination of knowledge and promotion of ideas is another important part of a career in research, academia and other professions. The power of knowledge can be much greater when knowledge is well-presented.

During the practical sessions, you will be provided with feedback and guidance specific to improving your skills; and have the opportunity to receive guidance on specific areas of your interest.

By attending this course, you will:

  • Improve your academic writing skills.
  • Be able to: spot more easily when the text needs to be improved; understand how to approach revision; revise text to make it clearer, more logical and succinct.
  • Have a good insight into the publication process.
  • Acquire knowledge about the publication process that will make the process more efficient and less stressful.
  • Receive practical advice for each stage of the publication process: writing, revising and submitting manuscripts to a suitable journal; communicating with the editorial team; responding to editorial decision; revising and resubmitting the manuscript.
  • Have a good foundation for becoming an efficient reviewer for academic journals.
  • Gain public speaking and presentation skills applicable in a variety of contexts such as conferences, election campaigns, diplomacy activities, lecturing, management talks/board meetings, oral exams, PhD Viva as well as the emerging context of online, virtual events.

Campus Courses - VAT-free: Our venues are in central London (Senate House) and in New Cross. You can select your preferred location by choosing the date available.

Virtual Classroom Courses - VAT-free: Live tutoring brings all the benefits of face to face training and, in addition, improves skills for ‘digital’ participation - an essential skill of the 21st century.

Bespoke Courses: If you are interested in a tailor-made Public Speaking course option (1-1 coaching or bespoke group training) please contact us using the email or phone number provided below.

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Monday 20 Nov 2023
10am-4pm | 5 days


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