About AIR

AIR has been offering a wide range of interdisciplinary courses since 2014. Taught by leading academics with extensive teaching experience, each AIR course incorporates latest scientific insights and best practice.

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Our motto

Our motto is: Adapt – Innovate – Re-adapt (AIR)

Humans evolved to adapt to changes in the environment and continuously modify this through innovation. Innovation brings progress, new ways of life, but also new challenges – all requiring re-adaptation. AIR courses provide clients with the tools to adapt, innovate and re-adapt.

Making knowledge accessible

AIR courses are competitively priced, we keep operating costs to a minimum, with all AIR tutors and administration being paid at standard university rates. This policy makes it possible to offer you high-quality courses, taught by leaders in their respective fields, at the most competitive rates.

About our courses

Our courses are:

  • Interdisciplinary – most courses include essential elements from other disciplines
  • Interactive – to ensure maximum benefits for you, we have designed these courses to allow for interaction from all participants, including by limiting the number of students per class
  • Tailored – individual students' needs and interests are, where possible, accommodated, e.g. students are provided with materials and support as to their needs and interests
  • Taught by leading experts – courses are organised and taught by leading experts with industry and teaching experience internationally

Partner organisations


InLab is a research group dedicated to understanding the origins of differences in people's learning, cognition, motivation and academic achievement. In our research, we use different methods including: cross-cultural studies; experimental psychology; twin studies; molecular genetics and neuroscience. InLab is also a founding member of The Accessible Genetics Consortium. You can find out more about InLab on their website.

International Business & Law Consultancy (IBL)

IBL is an international consultancy providing advice on legal and business international transactions; scientific exchange and technology transfers; and genetic-related legal and ethical matters (e.g. genetic data misuses and discrimination). IBL also provides professional training in a variety of areas. IBL also works with The Accessible Genetics Consortium in relation to legal and ethical issues related to genomic advancements. To find out more about this, you can visit the IBL website.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please get in touch by email (air@gold.ac.uk), phone (+44 (0)7908 566 949), or WhatsApp.