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Executive team

A photo of Yulia

Professor Yulia Kovas – Co-Director

Yulia is Professor of Genetics and Psychology at Goldsmiths, and a visiting professor at several universities internationally. She directs InLab, and leads several large-scale studies.


A photograph of Fatos wearing a suit

Fatos Selita – Co-Director

Fatos is a Barrister of England and Wales and an Attorney of the State of New York and has directed AIR Courses since 2014. With training in Genetics and Psychology, Fatos’s work focuses on bridging science and law. Fatos has taught in several universities internationally.

Dr Teemu Toivainen – Strategic Head

Teemu is a Lecturer in Psychology. Teemu's research interests and teaching focuses on individual differences in different psychological constructs, such as creativity, cognitive abilities and personality.

Contact Teemu at: t.toivainen(

Dr Robert Chapman – Head of Promotion and Marketing

Robert is a Lecturer at the Department of Psychology. To contact Robert please email: Robert.Chapman(


A photo of Alice Gregory

Professor Alice Gregory

Alice is a Professor of Psychology at Goldsmiths. She has contributed to several diverse research areas, including the longitudinal associations between sleep and psychopathology, behavioural genetics, sleep paralysis and exploding head syndrome.

A photo of Ashok wearing a pink shirt and smiling

Dr Ashok Jansari

Ashok is a Senior Lecturer who has been working in the field of neuropsychology for 25 years. He studied Experimental Psychology at King’s College, Cambridge followed by a doctorate at the University of Sussex.

A photo of Alice wearing a blazer and striped top

Professor Alice Jones

Alice has directed the Unit for School and Family Studies at Goldsmiths since 2011. Her work uses inter-disciplinary methods to focus largely on school behaviour and mental health; understanding the influences on socio-emotional development and functioning across a child’s school life.

A photo of Madoka wearing an off the shoulder purple top

Dr Madoka Kumashiro

Madoka is a personality and social psychologist whose primary research interest is in the areas of personal growth and well-being. Specifically, how do close relationships (e.g., family, friends, romantic partners) and other types of close interpersonal interactions (e.g., with managers, co-workers, mentors, social media network) influence personal growth, allow people to become closer to their ideal self, and motivate individuals to achieve their most important goals? And how does personality affect the ability to create an optimal environment for experiencing such personal growth? Finally, how do these processes then affect well-being?

Dr Evelyne Mercure headshot

Dr Evelyne Mercure

Evelyne is a lecturer in the department of psychology at Goldsmiths. She is interested in infant neurocognitive development and the role of early communicative experience in shaping this process.

A headshot of Adrian wearing a black t-shirt

Dr Adrian Scott

Adrian has a broad interest in Forensic Psychology, specialising in the areas of stalking, investigative interviewing and eyewitness testimony.

Dr Rebecca Chamberlain

Dr Rebecca Chamberlain

Among the many skills that humans evolved to design their environments, art-making is among the oldest, far predating evidence of written communication. Rebecca’s research sets out to understand how and why individuals create and respond so powerfully to works of art.

Professor Fiona Gabbert

Professor Fiona Gabbert

Fiona is a Professor of Psychology and Director of the Forensic Psychology Unit at Goldsmiths. She also chairs the Scientific Committee of the International Investigative Interviewing Research Group (iIIRG), and acts as Associate Editor for the academic journal 'Memory.'

Other tutors include Dr Natalia Murray and Carlos Salas as well as a team of visiting experts.