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Starting date, Monday 27 Jul 2020
10-5pm | 5 days
Starting date, Monday 5 Oct 2020
10-5pm | 5 days

Course overview

The English legal system is complex. It presents challenges for the application of laws in practice, and limiting access to justice. Learning about the legal system in practice is important for making informed decisions about navigating or joining the justice system.

Distance Learning

This course will be taught via distance learning in Spring and Summer 2020, and we are pleased to offer participants a 20% discount for sessions starting in April and May 2020. Please email us at the email below to request a discount code.

Explore the English legal system

This course combines key knowledge about law and procedure, the English legal system in practice, and successful navigation of the legal system to access justice. This knowledge is important, particularly in the context of contemporary realities such as unaffordability and inaccessibility of justice, and the growing number of litigants in person in court disputes.

The course is organised in three stand-alone but interdependent areas: the Law and its application in practice (part 1), English legal system (part 2), and Navigating the legal system to obtain justice (part 3). Throughout the course, participants will have the opportunity to conduct practical exercises to practice new skills and consolidate knowledge.

You will learn about the key legal principles of English law, courts’ reasoning and discretion, and how reasoning in domestic non-commercial matters differs from that in commercial domestic and international matters. You will also develop your understanding of English legal system works in practice, and how it compares with the US and other legal systems; how lawyers (barristers, solicitors and US attorneys) are trained; pursuing a career in the English legal system; the impact access to the legal profession has on the development of laws and client representation; and how to use the English legal system, including bringing or defending a case.

In addition to the above, you will also learn about litigation procedures; how to overcome the barriers which prevent access to justice; how to reduce legal costs and deal with 'legalese' (lawyer jargon), both contracts and in court; how to most effectively coordinate your case and communicate with lawyers, judges, and other stakeholders; how to navigate the legal system when unrepresented by lawyers/when acting as a litigant in person.

Goldsmiths Psychology department is in the World Top 100 in the QS ranking for academic reputation. Papers by our academics are highly cited: our department ranks 55th in the world for the number of citations per published paper.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for anyone wishing to gain an understanding of English law, the English justice system, and how to navigate it. Past participants on this course have included lawyers trained in jurisdictions outside England and Wales, business professionals, students, and those wishing to study law.

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Starting date, Monday 27 Jul 2020
10-5pm | 5 days
Starting date, Monday 5 Oct 2020
10-5pm | 5 days


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