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Learn about key principles of English law and its application in practice, as well as the English legal system.

The course is available in four formats:
• Campus
• Clients' Office
• Online (Virtual Classroom) with live tutoring
• Bespoke (Group or 1-2-1 coaching)

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This course provides knowledge on a number of select areas building to a clear understanding of English law and the legal system as a whole. The course addresses the interrelation between law, its application in practice and the purpose of the legal system.

The course assesses the application of the law and the operation of the legal system in different contexts: in relation to people, small companies and large corporations. Additionally, the course presents knowledge on other legal systems, such as that of the US and the Russian Federation.

The course uses psychological and other findings to explain unjust outcomes in the justice process (in criminal and civil justice), such as discrepancies in decision making.

Why choose this course

The course is directed by an expert with legal training in the UK and the US; with a background in psychology and genetics; and with over 14 years of experience in teaching and practice internationally, including the UK, US, and United Nations (UNCITRAL).  

Of thousands of degree-granting universities, Goldsmiths Psychology department is in the World top 100 in the QS ranking for academic reputation. Papers by our academics are highly cited: we hold the 55th place among the Worlds' Psychology departments for the number of citations published per paper.

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Is this course for me

This course will equip you with knowledge about English law and the legal system and their operation in practice – from both an insider- and user end perspective.

This course is particularly suitable for you if:

  • your work involves dealing with English law or the legal system
  • you are interested in understanding English law and the English legal system
  • you intend to study law in the UK or wish to switch to a career in law

Participants of this course have included lawyers trained in jurisdictions outside England and Wales, business professionals, students, and those wishing to commence a legal career/study.

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Tutor information

Fatos Selita

This course is directed by Fatos Selita, an English Barrister and a New York State Attorney with training in psychology, human behaviour (behavioural genetics) and other fields. He has taught communication (e.g., public speaking, advocacy, speech writing, persuasion, the psychology of decision-making) for over 12 years, including from 2014 at Goldsmiths.

He has experience training professionals from a range of fields including lawyers, judges, diplomats and doctors. Fatos has taught in several universities internationally. He has a number of research publications and is co-author of Oedipus Rex in the Genomic Era: Human Behaviour, Law and Society.


Course structure

The course provides ample opportunity for consolidating and applying knowledge through practical exercises and interactions.  The following elements are covered:

Development of English law and the legal system, and what it means for purposes of justice

  • Training of lawyers (barristers, solicitors and US attorneys)
  • Access to the legal profession and its impact on development of laws as well as on client representation
  • Understanding court decisions
  • How the structures of the English justice system have affected the development of English laws, international laws, as well as that of other legal systems

English legal system in practice

  • Training and selection of lawyers and the judiciary and what this means for individuals and justice
  • Legal reasoning of judges and lawyers
  • Using the English legal system, including bringing or defending a case
  • Barriers to access to justice

Successful navigation of the legal system as a citizen or legal representative

  • Overcoming barriers to access to justice
  • Dealing with ‘legalese’ (lawyers’ jargon) – in both contracts and in court
  • Reducing legal costs
  • Coordinating your case and communicating with lawyers, judges and other stakeholders of the legal system for maximised effectiveness
  • Navigating the legal system when unrepresented by lawyers /a litigant in person

The psychology of law and the legal process

  • Key psychological phenomena affecting lawyers, judges and customers of the legal system
  • Individuals, groups and cultures


Learning outcomes

In this course you will gain knowledge in all areas covered in the course, including:

  • Key legal principles of English law and application in practice
  • Training of lawyers (barristers, solicitors and US attorneys) and how this has affected development of the law, as well as client representation
  • Application of discretion by the courts
  • Application by courts of important concepts for justice, such as precedent and burden of proof
  • Understanding of the interpretation of the law by the courts and of case outcomes  
  • Courts’ reasoning in domestics and international commercial disputes and the application of the law in domestic matters vs international commercial matters
  • Differences between the UK, US and other legal systems
  • Using the English legal system, eg bringing or defending a case
  • Access to the legal profession, and impact this has on client representation and justice
  • Navigating the Legal System to obtain justice, including overcoming barriers, understanding legal reasoning of judges and lawyers, understanding court /litigation processes, reducing legal costs, managing your own case or your lawyers to minimise costs and maximise effectiveness

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