Museums and Galleries as Creative Entrepreneurs


10 weeks

Day and time:

Thursdays, 4-6pm

Next course: Date to be confirmed

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Business Studies

Department Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship

Goldsmiths, University of London

Museums and galleries have enthusiastically embraced the challenges before them to increase audiences, to embrace issues around diversity and offer a visitor experience that is both educational and enjoyable. They have had to develop entrepreneurial strategies in order to remain free, look after their buildings, realise ambitious new projects and compete with other forms of entertainment.

This course looks closely at selected examples of large national and smaller independent galleries to examine how they manage:

  • sponsorship and marketing
  • media and audience development
  • regeneration and partnerships
  • commerce and merchandise

This museums and galleries course can be taken as stand-alone short course to enhance your knowledge and employability, and on successful completion you will receive 30 Masters level credits. Alternatively you can take both courses and use the credits to gain a Postgraduate Certificate in Museums & Galleries Entrepreneurship.

For further information, course fee enquiries and to register your interest, please contact Katie O'Brien on 020 7919 7083 or k.o'

Please note that this course will go ahead on the basis that a minimum number of students will be attending. All prospective students will be kept informed.

How to Apply

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£1,280 per course (home/EU)
£2,560 for the PG Certificate (two modules)
£2,790 per course (International)
£5,580 for the PG Certificate (two modules)

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