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A course on advanced knowledge and techniques for drafting and negotiating international contract. Developed and taught by multi-disciplinary experts, the course includes latest findings from psychology relevant to negotiations.

I suggest the tutor writes a unique contracts book.

Lawyer, Italy

A really good course. I think I learned a lot.
The most important aspect for me was the risk assessment.

Solicitor, UK

The course is available in four formats:
• Campus
• Clients' Office
• Online (Virtual Classroom) with live tutoring
• Bespoke (Group or 1-2-1 coaching)

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This course will develop your contract drafting and negotiations skills. It is tailored to your needs and incorporates areas relevant to your interests.

The course combines knowledge and skills from three key areas for drafting and negotiating: law (e.g. risk assessment, litigation in practice and courts’ reasoning); writing (e.g. succinct, clear and easy to follow); and psychology and human behaviour (e.g. persuasion, understanding behaviour and decision making).

There is now an increasing demand for lawyers to minimise archaic language in contracts. This course teaches techniques for drafting highly effective contracts using accessible language, without the need to resort to standard contracts. It teaches how to minimise dispute risks by avoiding archaic language, which creates many loopholes due to multiple possible interpretations.

This course teaches negotiations of contracts from a different perspective to that generally taught. Instead of promoting unpleasant tactics (e.g. getting what you want, planning manipulative techniques), this course promotes using knowledge of human psychology and behaviour to bring out the best in other people. The course teaches how negotiations can be an an enjoyable process, even when dealing with people who may present difficulties.

Why choose this course

You will train with a leading expert with legal training in two key jurisdictions for international business transactions (the UK and the US); with a background in psychology, cognitive sciences and genetics; and with over 10 years of practice and teaching in international business transactions, psychology and law, and decision-making. 

You will have the opportunity to gain knowledge from latest research findings in a number of areas: building a strong foundation for negotiating with people from different professions and cultures.

Of thousands of degree-granting universities, Goldsmiths Psychology department is in the World top 100 in the QS ranking for academic reputation. Papers by our academics are highly cited: we hold the 55th place among the Worlds' Psychology departments for the number of citations published per paper.

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Is this course for me

This course equips you with knowledge, skills and techniques for both drafting complex multi-jurisdictional contracts and negotiating in complex circumstances and in different contexts. Therefore, this course is for you if your work involves contracts and negotiations, or international business transactions as well as if you have an interest in gaining knowledge in these areas.
The course is also suitable for students and those considering a change of career to international business transactions.  

Participants have included lawyers from law firms, inhouse lawyers, executives, bankers, government officials, government negotiators and students.

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Tutor information

Fatos Selita

This course is directed by Fatos Selita, an English Barrister and a New York State Attorney with training in psychology, human behaviour (behavioural genetics) and other fields. He has taught communication (e.g., public speaking, advocacy, speech writing, persuasion, the psychology of decision-making) for over 12 years, including from 2014 at Goldsmiths.

He has experience training professionals from a range of fields including lawyers, judges, diplomats and doctors. Fatos has taught in several universities internationally. He has a number of research publications and is co-author of Oedipus Rex in the Genomic Era: Human Behaviour, Law and Society.


About the department

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Course structure

The course provides ample opportunity for consolidating and applying knowledge through practical exercises and interactions. The following elements are covered:

What happens in dispute resolution, both in arbitration and litigation and how to use this knowledge at contract stage to prevent disputes and insure performance 

  • Conflict of laws/private international law, jurisdiction and other issues
  • International commercial litigation procedure
  • Litigating in practice, including tactics used in multinational litigation

Techniques for identifying all possible risks covered in a contract to ensure performance and minimise chances of disputes

  • Assessing performance risks
  • Litigation and other (e.g. legislative, political, judicial) risks

How courts reason in international and domestic disputes and how to cover accordingly in drafting and negotiations

  • Understanding commercial courts’ reasoning
  • Differences in reasoning in domestic matters
  • How differences in reasoning affect drafting and negotiations

How identified risks can be covered in the contract by using accessible language and without the need to resort to standard contracts

  • Techniques and practical exercises on contract drafting
  • Risk assessment and planning techniques
  • Drafting techniques
  • Techniques for using clear language concisely
  • Techniques for minimising use of contract templates, reducing related harm
  • Effective use of contract templates
  • Specific international commercial contracts in different areas of practice, including sale of goods and commercial finance: cross-border asset-based lending

Techniques for negotiating contracts, including practical exercises on negotiations

  • Effective use of negotiations in drafting
  • Negotiation methods and style
  • Understanding psychological processes affecting human behaviour
  • Negotiations to personality
  • Multi-cultural negotiations
  • Use of knowledge of individual differences in negotiations
  • Mind bugs and negotiations

Findings from psychology (organisational and other) on individuals, groups and cultures and how to apply for successful and enjoyable negotiations

  • Psychological processes affecting negotiations
  • Perceived and real individual, group and cultural differences; and what they mean for negotiations

Learning outcomes

During this course, you will gain knowledge on all areas covered in the course, including:

  • International business law in practice - including development, aim and loopholes in the law and how to use this knowledge in drafting and negotiations.
  • Litigation, from commencing proceedings to enforcing judgements; and how such tactics and other risks can be covered in contracts to prevent non-performance and disputes.
  • Advanced techniques for identifying elements to be covered in the contract.
  • Drafting contracts with accessible language to ensure contract performance and effectiveness as well as to strengthen business relations.
  • Science-based negotiation techniques for use at pre-drafting and during drafting stages – that are effective in cross-border and domestic contexts.
  • Findings of Psychology on individuals and cultural differences and how to use this knowledge for effective negotiations.

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