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Monday 4 Dec 2023
10am-4pm | 1 day
Friday 23 Feb 2024
10am-4pm | 1 day

Course overview

Human decision making is one of the most vulnerable behaviours. It is under continuous threat from a myriad of psychological phenomena throughout the process. Understanding, and learning how to safeguard, your decision making is one of the most worthwhile investments.

The course was very in-depth. Lots to chew on and think over. One realised how fallible human thinking is, especially within the context of the law. I enjoyed the entire lecture as the Tutor had a lot of experience and broad knowledge on the subject.

Nina Smith

It was a fascinating subject and wonderful to hear the thoughts of such a knowledgeable person!

Avril Webb, Royal Air Force.

Is this the right course for me?

  • How do we make decisions e.g., to like or dislike someone, to vote for or against a candidate, to sentence a defendant, to study one subject as opposed to another?
  • To what extent are our decisions free of influences?
  • How are our decisions influenced in the short – and long term?
  • How much conscious and unconscious control do we have over our own decisions?
  • Can we 'intervene' to change our decisions before we take them, and if yes, at what stage and how?
  • What factors - internal (of the Self) and external (e.g., persuasion/manipulations, media) - influence our decisions?
  • How reliable is our memory and can we alter the truth?
  • To what extent can we detect lies?
  • How does attention affect our decisions?
  • How can we free our decisions from internal (of the Self) influences?
  • How can we free our decisions from external influences?

If answers to these questions are of interest to you, then this course is for you.

Join us for this interactive intensive one-day course to explore one of the most important behaviours for all people. We will address the fascinating process of decision making through the lens of the latest findings in psychology, neuroscience, and genetics.

During this course you will also be introduced to:

  • How our beliefs about human behaviour, such as memory, attention and lie detection interfere with our decision making.
  • How our personality, genetic make-up, etc. (the ‘who we are’), interfere with decisions others take about us.
  • How the effect of external influences on us changes over time and with new knowledge.
  • How to free your decision making from influences that you are unaware of (e.g., subconscious biases).
  • How to free your decision making from influences that you are aware of (e.g., racial biases, appearance biases).

A solid investment: why investing in decision making is important?

Decision making is among the behaviours we use the most, with consequences for ourselves and (often) others. Good decision-making is also a prerequisite to being a good judge or a good leader. However, as decision making is a complex process that is not possible to understand without much study, taking a reliable course is essential for gaining usable and reliable knowledge. This means that investment in improving decision making is essential and with lifelong advantages for you and others.

How do I become a good decision maker?

To become a good decision maker, one needs to understand: human mind processes relevant to decision making; realities and weaknesses/glitches of the human mind; how these realities and weaknesses accommodate influences; how to outsmart these weaknesses; how internal (of the Self) influences, and external (persuasion, manipulations etc.) psychological factors affect decisions. This course will give you the foundations and the tools needed to gain greater control over your decision making - to become a more effective decision-maker by learning how to recognise and address unwanted influences on your decisions.

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Monday 4 Dec 2023
10am-4pm | 1 day
Friday 23 Feb 2024
10am-4pm | 1 day


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Tutor information

Fatos Selita

This course is directed by Fatos Selita, an English Barrister and a New York State Attorney with training in Psychology, Genetics and Mind Influences. He has more than 12 years of experience in lecturing and delivering training internationally, including training the judiciary in related areas. His expertise includes persuasion, public speaking and psychology of the legal process; he directs the Public Speaking
Content, Confidence and Delivery
 and Psychology and Law courses at Goldsmiths. He is also co-author of Oedipus Rex in the Genomic Era: Human Behaviour, Law and Society.


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