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Starting date, Thursday 12 Sep 2019
10-4pm | 1 day

Course overview

The Psychology of Fashion applies theory and concepts from the scientific study of human behaviour to understand and predict behaviour across the fashion industry.

This Masterclass explores how to understand the psychology underpinning consumer behaviour, drawing on multisensory perception, decision-making and social influences. This will enable online and traditional retailers to build a congruent consumer environment that taps into the subconscious processes that influence consumer behaviour.

Consumers make purchasing decisions based on many factors including, but not limited to, multisensory perception, social influences and past experience. In the rapidly evolving and increasingly competitive market place for fashion retailers consumers are becoming more demanding. In order to meet your consumers’ demands and provide them with the optimal consumer experience, an understanding of the psychological processes underpinning their behaviour is vital. Psychology is based on evidence, not intuition or opinion. It uses rigorous methods to test hypotheses and deliver meaningful and reliable results. Through applying a psychological framework to a fashion context, you will be able to better understand and pre-empt the decisions consumers make. This will enable you to gain a competitive edge and to meet and potentially exceed customers’ increasing demands.

This Masterclass will especially appeal to:

Professionals in fashion and the creative industries
Marketing and brand professionals
Small fashion brands

Why Study this Masterclass?

Understanding the psychology of the fashion consumer is increasingly important for fashion brands. In this Masterclass we address the complex world of fashion consumer psychology and address some issues that face fashion retailers in the 21st century. We will ask questions such as:

  • How does the retail environment influence consumer behaviour?
  • How do brands build lasting engagement with consumers?
  • How can retail be profitable as well as socially responsible?
  • What is the role of technology in the fashion industry and how does it influence consumer behaviour?

To answer these questions we need to take a psychological perspective. We will explore the role of multisensory perception, decision-making and social influences and how these are influenced by additional factors including expectations and experience. The answers will provide a coherent understanding of the psychology underpinning fashion consumer behaviour.



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Starting date, Thursday 12 Sep 2019
10-4pm | 1 day


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Richard Hoggart Building

Tutor information

Tutor Carolyn Mair sitting down in gold jacket

Professor Carolyn Mair

Professor Carolyn Mair (PhD) is a behavioural consultant. Also known as Dr Mair Fashion Psychologist, she established the consultancy which consults with the retail industry, NGOs, educators and the public providing solutions to some of their most pressing problems. Carolyn has worked with global, international and national organisations and published broadly in academic and popular media. She's been interviewed on TV (BBC World News TV, Sky News, ITV, London Live), national and international radio and featured in international fashion media including Vogue, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Grazia, Stella, Style, The Stylist, and Vanity Fair) and press (The New York Times, The Times, Guardian, Telegraph, Independent, Daily Mail, Irish Times, Sunday Independent (Ireland)) and psychology and industry magazines around the world including.

Her book, The Psychology of Fashion, was published in 2018. Through her Consultancy, Carolyn offers behavioural insights, bespoke training, short courses, masterclasses and workshops, mentoring and career coaching.

Carolyn is a Chartered Fellow of the British Psychological Society and the proud recipient of their 2017 Distinguished Contributions to Psychology Education award. She has a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience, MSc in Research Methods Psychology and BSc (Hons) in Applied Psychology and Computing. Prior to becoming a Consultant, Carolyn created and led the world's first Masters and Bachelors programmes to apply psychology within the broad context of fashion at University of the Arts London. In her earlier careers, she was a visual merchandiser, graphic designer, dressmaker and portrait artist.


Learning outcomes

At the end of this masterclass you will have:

  • Developed your understanding of the relationships between psychology and fashion consumption
  • Gained an understanding of the psychological processes that underpin fashion consumer behaviour
  • Explored the psychological processes that influence how we shop for fashion
  • Discovered the psychological processes driving brand engagement and loyalty
  • Discussed the role of technology in fashion consumer behaviour.

Following the masterclass, you might be interested in progressing onto our 5-week course Psychology of Fashion: Making Fashion Work for You


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