Course dates

Saturday 30 Oct 2021
10-4pm | 1 day
Saturday 5 Feb 2022
10-4pm | 1 day
Wednesday 27 Apr 2022
10-4pm | 1 day

Course overview

A course on advanced methods and techniques in public speaking, including persuasion, rhetoric, metaphor and much more.

The course is available in four formats:
  • Campus
  • Clients' Office
  • Online (Virtual Classroom) with live tutoring
  • Bespoke (Group or 1:1 coaching)

About the course

This 1-day course is designed to help build public speaking skills at an advanced level, beyond essentials such as articulating thoughts, expressing clearly and speaking confidently. It covers persuasion techniques such as: use of language, talk structures, audiences’ feelings, crowd control and positive use of own personality.
The course also covers techniques for identifying and protecting from other speakers’ manipulations used in different contexts, such as politics and media. The skills developed during the course are important for public speaking and presenting in any context, including the emerging context of online, virtual events.
The course is designed for a maximum of 8 participants. The sessions are interactive with ample opportunity for practical exercises, interaction with other participants and personalised feedback. During the practical sessions, you will be provided with feedback and guidance specific to improving your skills; and have the opportunity to receive guidance on specific areas of your interest.

Why choose our training

  • You will receive training from one of the leading experts in the field: with over 11 years of experience in psychology, advocacy, and cognitive science – areas important for public speaking.
  • You will learn key techniques of the English Barristers' training - well-known internationally for outstanding quality.
  • The course is science-based. You will benefit from tested methods, skills and techniques, including overcoming individual-specific and general barriers.
  • Goldsmiths Psychology department is in the World top 100 in the QS ranking for academic reputation. Papers by our academics are highly cited: we hold the 55th place among the Worlds' Psychology departments for the number of citations published per paper.

Campus courses

Our venues are in central London (Senate House) and in New Cross. You can select your preferred location by choosing the date available. Campus courses are VAT-free.

Virtual Classroom courses

Live tutoring brings all the benefits of face to face training and, in addition, improves skills for ‘digital’ participation. There is an increasing need for online activities in all areas of life. Meetings, interviews, presentations and conferences are increasingly opting for participation and contribution via digital platforms. Courts have introduced video-advocacy and judging. Consulting, counselling, advertising, sales, and client support of all kinds are all moving to digital formats. Therefore, ‘digital’ participation and the necessary skills for online delivery of Public Speaking are becoming an essential skill of the 21st century. Virtual Classroom courses are VAT-free.

Bespoke Courses

If you are interested in a tailor-made Public Speaking course option, 1-1 coaching or bespoke group training, please contact us using the email or phone number provided below.

Is this course for me?

This course is for those who would like to learn advanced techniques (persuasion) in public speaking. It is therefore highly beneficial to those wishing to develop existing public speaking skills.

The course is designed as a continuation of the Public Speaking and Presenting and the Speech Writing for Public Speaking courses, as well as of the Combatting Fear of Public Speaking course – for those who need training to combat anxiety/nervousness and build confidence in public speaking. And so, to benefit the most from this course, one is recommended to have already taken the preceding training or have the equivalent knowledge.

Continuing training

The recommended training following this course is:

*Book two or more courses at the same time to get a 10% discount.



Booking information

Saturday 30 Oct 2021
10-4pm | 1 day
Saturday 5 Feb 2022
10-4pm | 1 day
Wednesday 27 Apr 2022
10-4pm | 1 day


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Tutor information

Fatos Selita

This course is directed by Fatos Selita, an English barrister and a New York State Attorney; with training in Psychology, Genetics and Mind Influences; with over 11 years of experience in delivering public speaking training internationally. Fatos is also a trainer in Mind Influences on Decision making, as well as the director of the Psychology and Law and Decision Making and the Mind: Weaknesses, Biases and Persuasion courses. Fatos has many years of experience in delivering training online and has received outstanding feedback from participants.


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