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Starting date, Monday 26 Nov 2018
10am to 5pm | 5 days
Starting date, Monday 22 Oct 2018
10 am - 5 pm | 5 days

Course overview

Learn the art of public speaking and presenting – remove fear – strengthen your natural confidence – improve effectiveness of your communication – learn from the latest psychological and neuroscientific findings.

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I thank the tutor for such a great and enjoyable course. I definitely learned a lot and took away many valuable lessons from his teachings. I really appreciate all the advice and feedback.



The course content was very clear and well-articulated. The course tutor had a good understanding of the strategies that could be used in public speaking. Practical sessions were very useful and helped me to improve my presentation skills.

This course is designed by public speakers with multidisciplinary training, including Advocacy at the English Bar (Barrister training) and Psychology; and with extensive experience in teaching and delivering public speaking to diverse audiences internationally. The course benefits from a combination of:

  • public speaking skills
  • advocacy skills, as taught at the English Bar
  • scientific findings that directly relate to public speaking, including comprehension, attention, origin of individual differences, and memory

The course focuses on skills required to:

  • prepare for a public speech or presentation at a conference
  • understand audiences
  • tailor presentations to audiences
  • write quality speeches for diverse audiences e.g. keynote speeches, political campaign speeches, wedding speeches
  • articulate thoughts and arrange ideas
  • minimise nervousness / fear / anxiety
  • build natural (inner) confidence
  • building a desired personality
  • deliver quality public speaking to diverse audiences
  • express clearly for increased effectiveness
  • connect with audiences
  • tailor your speech to changing reactions of an audience
  • minimise a negative atmosphere and build a positive atmosphere in the room
  • tailor length of a presentation as and when needed, including during the presentation
  • deliver quality (with high impact) technical presentations in conferences
  • use findings from psychological and other sciences for more effective public speaking
  • understand public speaking techniques used by others (e.g. politicians, media)
  • communicate more effectively and persuasively in general
  • self-train for continuous long-term self-development
  • enjoy public speaking and presenting

Why take this course?

1. Due to tutors multi-disciplinary training and expertise, significant improvement on all aspects of public speaking is expected, including in removing of fear and nervousness, and strengthening your natural confidence.

2. The course provides ample opportunity for individualised training and feedback on practical exercises. Number of students is limited to 10 per class.


  • Deliver public speaking effectively and with ease to diverse audiences
  • Deliver presentations in conference with high impact and in an enjoyable way
  • Communicate persuasively and effectively in general
  • Articulate thoughts and express clearly for increased effectiveness
  • Write effective speeches e.g. keynote speeches, political campaigns speeches, wedding speeches and court closing submissions.
  • Understand public speaking techniques used by others (e.g. politicians, media)
  • Use findings from psychological and other sciences for more effective public speaking
  • Remove nervousness, fear and anxiety
  • Tailor your speech to changing reactions of an audience
  • Self-train for continuous long-term self-development

Who should take this course:

We recommend this course to anyone who wishes to improve the skills outlined above.

Public speaking skills are essential in a range of professions and professional capacities. Being able to speak well (effectively and enjoyably) in front of other people, including in conferences, board meetings or at a wedding – is a skill that would bring satisfaction to most people. Good speaking benefits not only those who speaks well, but often audiences too e.g. in conferences, in school, or university lectures.

The course is also an excellent complement to the Advocacy training of Barristers / lawyers at the English

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Starting date, Monday 26 Nov 2018
10am to 5pm | 5 days
Starting date, Monday 22 Oct 2018
10 am - 5 pm | 5 days


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22-26 October - Goldsmiths, University of London, New Cross

26-30 November - Senate House, University of London, Bloomsbury

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