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Course overview

Department Psychology

Professor Yulia Kovas & Fatos Selita


Goldsmiths, University of London

A one-week course in public speaking. Number of students is limited to 10 per class with ample opportunity for individualised training and feedback on practical exercises.

I found the course vey useful. My favorite aspect was the unfolding of the techniques of public speaking. I recommend this course!



The course content was very clear and well-articulated. The course tutor had a good understanding of the strategies that could be used in psublic speaking. Practical sessions were very useful and helped me to improve my presentation skills.

This course is designed by barristers and psychologists with extensive public speaking experience and expertise, and who are passionate about public speaking.

You will be taught by highly skilled experts with extensive public speaking experience in a wide range of contexts, including to specialised and general audiences, in international conferences, public engagement, training and professional development, and politics.

Significant improvement on all aspects of public speaking is expected for those taking the 5-day course. Due to tutors’ experience and expertise in psychology and human development, significant success is also expected in removing fear, nervousness and tailoring long-term self-development for natural presentation.

The unique feature of this course is the combination of:

  • Relevant scientific findings, including insights from psychological science,
  • Advocacy training at the English Bar, and
  • Personalised training and feedback.

In addition to public speakers and presenters, the course is also directly relevant to court advocates – barristers, solicitors and other lawyers representing clients in court – as well as those involved in negotiations and debating. Moreover, skills gained during this course are transferrable to day to day activities.  

The course will cover all aspects of public speaking, including:

  • Speech writing: preparing effective speeches e.g. keynote speeches, political campaigns speeches, wedding speeches and court closing submissions.
  • Delivering effective public speeches
  • Delivering high quality presentations in conferences
  • Understanding manipulative public speaking techniques
  • Tactics and techniques of persuasive public speaking
  • Removing fears and anxiety
  • Strategies for long-term self-development
  • Tailoring your speech to changing reactions of an audience; AND
  • A significant amount of practical exercises

Following completion of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Write better speeches.
  2. Deliver significantly better public speeches or presentations in conferences.
  3. Understand techniques used in public speeches (e.g. by politicians’).
  4. Significantly reduce fears and anxiety.
  5. Know how to self-develop further.
  6. Speak more clearly and persuasively in general.
  7. Negotiate and debate more successfully.
  8. Know how to continue improving clarity of public speaking.

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