Course dates

Wednesday 6 Dec 2023
10am - 4pm | 1 day

Course overview

A course on mastering the delivery of public speaking – a necessary and beautiful art that can be learned with our quality training and guided practice.

10/10. Excellent trainer. Most useful:
- Feedback session, very patient in asking/teaching us to pause and repeat with correct tone.
- Link to psychology & genetics rather than just techniques.
Thank you, great course.

Michelle Bee. Pythian

Very useful, especially moving between practical + theory. I felt very comfortable. I found the teacher very knowledgeable + he gave everyone a lot of time.

Annie Bliss, Alzheimers Disease International

The course is available to be taken in-person on campus, online with live tutoring, and at clients offices. Please see our Eventbrite page for locations and more course dates. The online training with live tutoring has the added benefit of improving skills for 'digital' participation.

Public speaking and presenting skills are much more than skills for speaking in public. They are skills for communicating in every context - professional, social and family life. They are skills that empower us in conferences, diplomacy activities, politics, meetings and teaching - they empower us to reach our full potential.

On this course, you will learn skills for impactful delivery of public speaking in any setting, such as board meetings, presentations and teaching. You will also learn skills for the emerging context of online, virtual events, and recording of talks and lectures.

The training is science-based – you will benefit from tested methods. In addition, the training is designed to provide the knowledge and tools for continued self-improvement.  

Groups are small (maximum of 8 participants) to allow for interactive sessions, practical exercises, and personalised training and feedback.

The practical exercises include the delivery of a short presentation, where you will receive guidance specific to improving your skills. You will also have the opportunity to receive guidance on specific areas of your interest.

Why Choose us

Our Public Speaking/Communication training is of the highest quality. The course is led by a communication expert, with multidisciplinary training, who has taught communication (public speaking, speech writing, advocacy, and decision-making) for over 10 years.

Not for profit: 100% of AIR Courses income, beyond operational expenses, is used towards education and research. This enables us to offer our training at an exceptional value - making this knowledge accessible. You can find out more on our homepage.

Our Department of Psychology at Goldsmiths is rated number 1 in the UK for social mobility for this subject and has high QS World University Rankings for its academic reputation and the number of citations published per paper. 

Is this course for me

This course is for you if you would like to improve public speaking and communication more broadly.

Our participants have included: Academics, Bankers, Barristers, Civil Servants, Diplomats, Doctors, Executives, Lecturers, Managers, Solicitors and Students.



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Booking information

Please note our short courses sell out quickly, so early booking is advisable.

Wednesday 6 Dec 2023
10am - 4pm | 1 day


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Additional Training Options

We provide a range of public speaking and other communication training at all levels and for a wide range of needs. You can choose courses from our portfolio of courses, or request bespoke training that suits your needs and interests, arranged at a mutually convenient time.

Combating Fear of Public Speaking – Focuses on building confidence for, and combatting anxiety around, public speaking and communicating in different contexts. Recommended as the first course for those experiencing nervousness when speaking in public or when communicating in general.

Speech Writing for Public Speaking – The content part of Public Speaking. Covers both substantive content and support wording. This is an essential part of public speaking/communication training.

Advanced Methods in Public Speaking – Advanced Public Speaking techniques for delivery, establishing authority and content. This course is available for 1-1 and group booking only.

Public Speaking Content, Confidence and Delivery – A training course covering in-depth public speaking/communication skills: content, delivery, authority, persuasion. This course is available for 1-1 and group booking only.

1-1 Public Speaking and Presenting.

The Psychology of Decision-Making – Covers essential knowledge for persuasion: how we make decisions and how our decisions are influenced through external factors and internal factors, such as emotions and biases.

Bespoke training options include:

  • Public Speaking for Academics/Researchers/Lecturers
  • Public Speaking for Business Professionals
  • Public Speaking for Diplomacy
  • Interview Skills

Tutor information

Fatos Selita

This course is directed by Fatos Selita, a communication expert. Fatos is an English Barrister and a New York State Attorney with training in Psychology, Genetics and other fields. He has taught Public Speaking for over 10 years, including more than 7 years at Goldsmiths. He has experience training professionals from a range of fields including Bankers, Diplomats, Doctors, Judges and Researchers. He also directs the Psychology of Decision Making and Psychology and Law courses at Goldsmiths. Fatos has a number of research publications and is co-author of Oedipus Rex in the Genomic Era: Human Behaviour, Law and Society (Palgrave).

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