Course dates

Monday 22 Nov 2021
10am-4pm | 1 day
Saturday 4 Dec 2021
10-4pm | 1 day
Saturday 22 Jan 2022
10-4pm | 1 day

Course overview

This is a self-contained course in public speaking – a beautiful art that can be mastered with quality training and practice.

10/10. Excellent trainer. Most useful:
- Feedback session, very patient in asking/teaching us to pause and repeat with correct tone.
- Link to psychology & genetics rather than just techniques.
Thank you, great course.

Michelle Bee. Pythian

Very useful, especially moving between practical + theory. I felt very comfortable. I found the teacher very knowledgeable + he gave everyone a lot of time.

Annie Bliss, Alzheimers Disease International

The course is available in four formats:

  • Campus
  • Clients office
  • Online (virtual classroom) with live tutoring
  • Bespoke (group or 1:1 coaching)

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Course description

The skills you will develop during the course will prepare you for public speaking and presentation in a variety of contexts such as conferences, election campaigns, diplomacy activities, lecturing, management talks/board meetings, oral exams, PhD Viva as well as the emerging context of online, virtual events.

During the practical public speaking, you will be provided with feedback and guidance specific to improving your skills. Throughout these sessions, you will also have the opportunity to receive guidance on specific areas of your interest.

Max 8 participants: The sessions are interactive with ample opportunity for practical exercises, interaction with other participants as well as personalised feedback and guidance from the tutor.

Why choose our public speaking training

  1. You can expect maximum progress. You will receive training from one of the leading experts in the field: with a background in psychology, cognitive sciences, advocacy (e.g. the English Bar), and genetics; with over 10 years of experience teaching public speaking, advocacy and cognitive influences in decision-making. As effective public speaking requires knowledge of the human mind (e.g. how the mind processes (accepts and rejects) information); psychology (e.g. influences/persuasion); and traits (e.g. memory, voice, nervousness), tutors are required to have excellent knowledge in these areas.
  2. You will learn key techniques of the English Barristers' training - well-known internationally for outstanding quality.

  3. The course is science-based. You will benefit from tested methods, skills and techniques, including overcoming individual-specific and general barriers.

  4. A highly acclaimed Psychology department. Of thousands of degree-granting universities, Goldsmiths Psychology department is in the World top 100 in the QS ranking for academic reputation. Papers by our academics are highly cited: we hold the 55th place among the Worlds' Psychology departments for the number of citations published per paper.

On-campus courses (VAT-free)
Our venues are in central London (Senate House) and in New Cross. You can select your preferred location by choosing the date available.

Virtual Classroom Courses (VAT-free)
Live tutoring brings all the benefits of face to face training and, in addition, improves skills for ‘digital’ participation. There is an increasing need for online activities in all areas of life. Meetings, interviews, presentations and conferences are increasingly opting for participation and contribution via digital platforms. Courts have introduced video-advocacy and judging. Consulting, counselling, advertising, sales, and client support of all kinds are all moving to digital formats. Therefore, 'digital' participation and the necessary skills for online delivery of Public Speaking are becoming an essential skill of the 21st century.

Bespoke Courses
If you are interested in a tailor-made Public Speaking course option (1-1 coaching or bespoke group training), please contact us.

Is this course for me

This course equips you with knowledge, skills and techniques for effective public speaking and presentation.  These skills are applicable across different contexts including for conferences, election campaigns, diplomacy, lecturing, interviews, Viva, oral exams and management talks/board meetings. If you would like to improve your oral skills in any of these areas or more generally, then this course is suitable for you.

Our participants have included: Advertisers, Bankers, Barristers, Diplomats, Executives, Lecturers, Managers, Politicians, Researchers, Solicitors and Students.

Continuing training

The recommended order of training following this course is:

  1. Combatting Fear of Public Speaking
  2. Speech Writing for Public Speaking
  3. Advanced Methods in Public Speaking
  4. The Psychology of Decision Making


  1. Public Speaking and the Psychology of Persuasion
  2. The Psychology of Decision Making

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Disability Support

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  • 20% UK students
  • 25% Members of the UK Law and Society Association (UKLSA) 
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Group bookings:

To book this course for a group, please email us air ( The price for group bookings is £1,925. Group size for this course is capped at 8 people.

Monday 22 Nov 2021
10am-4pm | 1 day
Saturday 4 Dec 2021
10-4pm | 1 day
Saturday 22 Jan 2022
10-4pm | 1 day


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Tutor information

Fatos Selita

This course is directed by Fatos Selita, an English barrister and a New York State Attorney; with training in Psychology, Genetics and Mind Influences; with over 11 years of experience in delivering public speaking training internationally. Fatos is also a trainer in Mind Influences on Decision making, as well as the director of the Psychology and Law and Decision Making and the Mind: Weaknesses, Biases and Persuasion courses. Fatos has many years of experience in delivering training online and has received outstanding feedback from participants.


Learning outcomes

On this short course, you will build skills in all areas covered in the course, including:

  • Methods of speaking for maximum impact
  • Use of body language
  • Understanding audiences and tailoring speech to audiences
  • Developing necessary skills
  • Preparing for effective and enjoyable public speaking
  • Connecting with audiences to change atmosphere in the room
  • How to combine skills for impactful speeches and presentations

Course structure

Course will cover the following elements.

The vitals of public speaking

  • Identifying individual strengths, needs and areas for development
  • Skills and knowledge crucial for public speaking across context, e.g. selecting information, articulating thoughts, arranging and expressing ideas, using body language effectively, developing clarity, understanding human traits (e.g. confidence, personality, nervousness)
  • Developing traits, e.g. voice, confidence
  • Own personality and brand
  • Overcoming Barriers, e.g. combatting nervousness; minimising distracters; minimising negative body language; lack of control over talk; lack of control over reactions of the audience

Methods and Techniques

  • Preparing for a public speech/talk
  • Use of jokes
  • Understanding audiences
  • Tailoring the talk to different audiences
  • Delivering talk with minimum notes
  • Keeping to time

Tailoring talk to human cognitive capacities and limitations to maximise effectiveness

  • Delivering memorable public speeches and presentations
  • Creating and maintaining a positive energy/atmosphere in the audience
  • Tailoring presentation to one’s personality

Putting knowledge and skills gained into practice

  • Starting a talk
  • Connecting with diverse audiences
  • Adapting your talk to the reactions of the audience
  • Being persuasive
  • Closing a talk
  • Learning how to enjoy public speaking

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