Course dates

Starting date, Tuesday 12 Feb 2019
10am-5pm | 2 days
Starting date, Saturday 16 Mar 2019
10am-5pm | 2 days

Course overview

Social Media poses a challenge across cultural and artistic institutions and charities. Keeping the world informed about our activities, across multiple digital platforms, can be difficult with limited resources. This workshop teaches you how to take control of those timelines, tweets, likes and shares through a renewed focus and concentration of finding the ‘human’ in technology.

Super course - great resources and extremely knowledgeable tutors.

Participant, 2016

The 'guest speakers' that were invited on to speak in addition to the tutor were really good. It felt like they were real specialists with practical knowledge.

Participant, 2017

Social Media is a modern marketing phenomenon, and knowing how to get the most from it can be the difference in making your business a success. On this short course you will learn how to create and run social media and digital marketing campaigns that are simple and cost effective. We’ll guide you through the never-ending performance of social media, revealing how to develop your own audience, to keep them informed and to bring people closer together through the art of social media. The biggest and best brands have excellent digital marketing strategies, so it can be particularly challenging of you’re a smaller business looking to grab the attention of followers. This course aims to make it easy for you to understand the social media and marketing techniques and to implement them in a cost effective way. 

On this intensive weekend course you’ll learn how to maximise your brand or product’s impact across platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and more. You’ll discover how to link campaigns across platforms, identify and deliver content to new audiences and develop a brand that will get you noticed in today’s increasingly competitive digital environment.

Why study this course?

The course is for your if:

  • You are a marketing professional who wishes to gain a deeper grounding in social media marketing.
  • You have been tasked with managing a brand.
  • Your are an artist, writer or other cultural entrepreneur interested in using social media to grow your own personal brand equity.
  • You are an entrepreneur interested in how social media data can help your start-up.



Booking information

Please note that our short courses sell-out quickly, so early booking is advisable.

Starting date, Tuesday 12 Feb 2019
10am-5pm | 2 days
Starting date, Saturday 16 Mar 2019
10am-5pm | 2 days


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Richard Hoggart Building

Tutor information

Christopher Hogg

Christopher Hogg has been working in the digital industries since 1999. He is presently an Associate Lecturer at the Institute of Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths, where he is researching the ways in which comedy can be unpacked from an educational perspective. He is also a playwright and one of Theatre 503's writers in residence. As a counterpoint to creative practice, Chris has worked at the cutting edge of digital marketing for nearly two decades; his understanding of this medium is extremely deep and practical. Christopher's latest play Rathband went to number one in the Itunes Arts Podcasts in April.

Adah Parris

Adah is a personal branding expert. Her work focuses on human-centred design, storytelling and the application of business models as an approach to problem solving, understanding the value of personal brand equity, and nurturing and building brand partnerships.  She runs workshops, talks and coaching sessions designed to help businesses and individuals minimise the opportunity for miscommunication and misunderstanding of their brand stories, to live and work from a position of power and to understand their individual or collective brand equity. Since 2014 Adah has been a speaker, workshop facilitator and consultant for clients such as The Startup Institute, The Hospital Club, The School of Communication Arts, the ArabNet Digital Conference in Dubai and the British Council Digital Europe Conference. 

Chastity Nao

Chastity is Campaign Manager at Whalar, Social Media Consultant and Founder of Haute Ecology. She began her social media and digital marketing journey as a freelance entertainment blogger for the Chicago Tribune, intuitively employing social media as a means of driving traffic to blog posts, and gaining thousands of followers. Other online publishers and businesses then contracted Chastity to help build their online audiences. She subsequently created the foundation for’s Facebook page, which now has more than 1 million followers, as well as working with NBC5 Street Team on a ground-breaking 24-hour live streaming, blogging and social media project that garnered a regional Emmy Award. Most recently, she launched the Instagram account for PETA UK, as well as penning their article, “44 Accidentally Vegan Snack Foods,” their most popular blog to date. In 2015, she completed an MA at Goldsmiths in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship. Her research focused on how design can be used as a means of developing online trust with Millennials.  


Course structure

This is a two day workshop, with each day running from from 10am-5pm. During the workshops we will cover the following topics:

  • How Does Marketing Work Online?
  • A Short History of Social Media and Digital Identity
  • The Big Social Networks: What Makes Them Unique? - Native Advertising
  • What is Social Captial?
  • How to Build Capital in a Social Network
  • How to Tell Good Stories Online
  • Using Online Data to Understand Your Audience
  • Strategies for Social Media Growth

Learning outcomes

At the end of this course you will have the ability to:

  • Understand the possibilities social media offers for a range of business storytelling, political campaigning, audience engagement, multiplatform and interactive productions.
  • Demonstrate a basic critical knowledge and understanding of key theoretical and contextual dimensions of social media and how this informs marketing.
  • Creatively employ a given range of social media production practices and techniques effectively, using industry standard applications and tools across a range of platforms relevant to the subject effectively.
  • Work collaboratively with other disciplines to plan, organize, execute and begin to analyse the effectiveness of campaigns for a range of different audiences and purposes.
  • Employ planning strategies, client analysis, conceptual development methods and some marketing approaches and tools to produce projects that creatively realise projects with a clear understanding of collaborators’, audiences’, clients’ needs and market opportunities.

About the department

Our Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship (ICCE) is an academic department with expertise and experience in developing and supporting new business initiatives. ICCE is Goldsmiths’ response to the growing significance of the creative industries and cultural sector. With creative industries and the cultural sector becoming more and more important to the UK’s growing economy, ICCE specialises in providing business skills, management skills and entrepreneurial skills with a specific understanding for the creative sector. Engagement with the creative industries and the not-for-profit cultural sector has long existed across many of Goldsmiths’ academic departments and research centres, and ICCE was created to formalise many of these existing, interdisciplinary areas of research. 

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