Cultural Studies future careers


Studying Cultural Studies allows you to focus on areas of interest and use these to help decide on a career area. You will also develop skills that you can apply in the work place.

What skills will I gain from a Cultural Studies degree?

Studying Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths will provide you with a high-level knowledge of cultural research. You will gain transferable skills within social and critical theory, aesthetics and performance, communication and multimedia; ethnography skills; critical appreciation of current debates in the media, the culture industries and the wider contemporary cultural environment.

What kinds of industries can I work in as an anthropologist?

  • Advertising and marketing
    This sector needs people who have an interest in and understanding of human behaviour. You can find anthropologists doing ethnographies on all kinds of consumer attitudes or working in roles such as market research and account planning.
  • Central and local government
    The Civil Service Fast-Stream fast-tracks graduates into policy roles. If you fancy local government there is a similar scheme called The National Graduate Development Programme (NGDP).
  • Charities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
    A passion for people and improving the world takes many anthropology graduates into this sector. Within charities and NGOs there are many roles from PR and communications, to fundraising, administration and research. There are also more hands-on roles managing projects in the field or working with communities/ disadvantaged groups to train, empower or support.
  • Creative industries
    Many graduates enter the creative and cultural industries. This could be in areas as diverse as film, publishing, design and visual arts.
  • Social research organisations and think tanks
    The biggest employer is the Government Social Research Profession (GSR) where you could be working on anything from community cohesion to gender equality. There are other organisations in this field of work ranging from university-based research institutes and think tanks to consultancies with one or two self-employed individuals.

Where do Goldsmiths Cultural Studies graduates work?

Cultural Studies graduates go on to work in a huge variety of industries. Some of our recent graduates now work as translators, curators, writers, researchers, editors and web designers. 

Cultural Studies graduate stories:

Daisy, Graduate from Hong Kong

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