Research Findings


Interim project report

Creating a Nation of Selfbuilders (May 2014)

This report seeks to provide detailed knowledge of how selfbuild is positioned relation to the structural and material conditions of the wider housing market. It illustrates how this structure has influenced who takes up selfbuild in Britain today through the reporting of survey data.

Creating A Nation Of Self-Builders 2014 (PDF download)

Conference papers

Copies may be made available on request by emailing Michaela Benson.

  • Building a house, making a home: exploring the social dimensions of selfbuild through emotionalities, American Association of Geographers, Chicago April 2015
  • Land Markets and the self-procurement of housing in England, European Network of Housing Research Conference, Edinburgh, July 2014
  • Coming together for co-housing and self-build: changing understandings of home and home ownership in austerity London, RGS-IBG Annual Conference, London, August 2014