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Rebecca Coleman

Rebecca Coleman joined the department in September 2013. Before coming to Goldsmiths, she was a Lecturer at Lancaster University from 2006-2013, where she taught on courses in media and cultural studies, sociology, and gender studies.


Rebecca teaches on the MA in Visual Sociology, the MA in Gender, Media, Culture and the MA in Brands, Communication, Culture. She has also taught on the BA in Sociology and the BA in Media and Sociology.

Areas of supervision

Rebecca is supervising empirical and practice-based research, including projects on girls and body image, mixed-race identities, and embodied and sensory experiences of sport.

She has supervised to completion PhD research on fashion and androgyny (Rosa Crepax), young women and austerity (Vicki Dabrowski), surrogacy and media (Lulu Le Vay) and affective labour (Heidi Hasbrouck).

She welcomes PhD applications in the areas of her research and teaching. Please contact her with a proposal to discuss applications further.

Research Interests

Over the past few years, Rebecca has been working on temporality, with a focus on futures and presents, and on affect, feminist new materialisms and inventive methodologies. Recent publications in this area include a special issue of Sociological Review on ‘Futures in Question: Theories, Methods, Practices’ (2017, edited with Richard Tutton). This special issue emerged out of the ESRC Seminar Series on Austerity Futures: Imagining and Materialising the Future in an ‘Age of Austerity’ (2012-14), which she led, and the book Transforming Images: Screens, Affect, Futures (2012, Routledge). See Publications List for other publications.

She is currently working on two projects on temporality. The first is a project titled Mediating Presents: Producing ‘the Now’ in Contemporary Digital Culture, which examines how the present is stretched and condensed via engagements with different digital media. This project is supported by a Leverhulme Research Fellowship, 2018-2019. The second is a book, provisionally entitled Glitterworlds: The Temporal Politics of a Ubiquitous Thing (Goldsmiths Press), which follows glitter across a number of sites, including collaging workshops with girls, glitter bombing and various glitter body decoration, as well as its entanglement with the environment. It develops an account of the various temporalities and politics that glitter might generate.

Other forthcoming publications include an edited special issue of the online open access journal, MAI: Journal of Feminist Visual Culture, on ‘Feminist New Materialist Practice’ (forthcoming, with Tara Page and Helen Palmer). She has also recently edited a special section of Theory, Culture and Society on ‘Visualising Surfaces, Surfacing Vision’ (2017, edited with Liz Oakley-Brown).

This current research builds from previous work, including the books, Deleuze and Research Methodologies (co-edited with Jessica Ringrose, 2013, Edinburgh University Press) and The Becoming of Bodies: Girls, Images, Experience (2009, Manchester University Press). The latter book developed a feminist Deleuzian approach: taking up concepts of affect, intensity and immanence, it argued that bodies and images be understood as entwined processes of becoming. The research involved different kinds of interviews, including image-making sessions with teenage girls.

Rebecca is a Book Series Editor of Future Media, Goldsmiths Press: please contact her for more information on this series.



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