Elma Demir

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PositionProject Coordinator (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Department Sociology
Email edemi010 (
Phone+44 (0)20 TBC

Elma is the Project Coordinator in Bosnia-Herzegovina on Kirsten Campbell’s ERC project ‘The Gender of Justice: The Prosecution of Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict’.

Since 2010, Elma Demir has been working as the project-coordinator and researcher on two transitional justice projects in Bosnia funded by the European Research Council: 'Bosnian Bones, Spanish Ghosts: ‘Transitional Justice' and the Legal Shaping of Memory after Two Modern Conflicts' and the 'Transitional Justice Mapping’. These projects are both held by Sari Wastell in the Department of Anthropology at Goldsmiths, University of London. Prior to these posts, Elma worked as a researcher at the Association for Democratic Initiatives, the Dartmouth Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection, NATO BH HQ, and the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Furthermore, she has worked as a consultant and analyst on many research projects for international organizations, civil society groups and political parties in Bosnia.

Elma holds a BA degree in Political Sciences from University of Sarajevo, and is an MA candidate in Globalization Studies at the Dartmouth College, USA. Elma is currently finalizing an academic paper “‘To somebody a brother, to others the war”:  informal economies, social inequalities and transitional justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina’ which is based on empirical research results from the aforementioned research projects. Additionally, through support of the ERSTE Foundation, she is conducting research on the informal economy in Bosnia-Herzegovina, which will be presented in a paper by the end of 2013.