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Sobia Ahmad Kaker

Sobia is an interdisciplinary urban studies scholar who works on urbanisation, securitisation and socio-political life in global south cities. Her research focuses on the ‘lived’ aspects of urban insecurity. She is interested in the ways in which urban residents and governors navigate everyday insecurity, and how related processes of securitisation impact urban social, spatial, and political relations. Sobia adopts an ethnographic, postcolonial, and contextual approach to her work.

Sobia completed her PhD degree from Newcastle University in 2015. Her PhD thesis titled ‘Enclaves as Process: Space, Security and Violence in Karachi’ investigates socio-material processes of securitising urban space, and studies how processes of ‘enclavisation’ in turn exacerbate conflict and violence in the already divided Pakistani megacity. Aspects of her PhD research are published as articles in academic journals such as Public Culture, Harvard Design Magazine, and South Asian History and Culture.

Sobia joined Goldsmiths in September 2017. Prior to this, she was working as a Researcher at LSE Cities and the Centre for Civil Society and Human Security at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences. She also has extensive field-based research experience in international contexts, having worked in leading Pakistani research based policy institutions such as the Sustainable Development Policy Institute in Islamabad and the Collective for Social Sciences Research in Karachi. Sobia is also an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.



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