Gorana Mlinarevic

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PositionResearcher (The Netherlands and Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Department Sociology
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Gorana Mlinarević is a feminist activist and researcher on the prosecution of wartime sexual violence and post-war issues and experiences affecting women primarily in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region of the former Yugoslavia. Her interdisciplinary research often explores intersections and tensions between identity politics and economic and social realities of the post-war societies and societies in so called transitions (or more exactly societies undergoing political, social and economic transformations).

In 2009 together with Gabriela Mischkowski she co-authored the study “... and that it those not happen to anyone anywhere in the world” The Trouble with Rape Trials – Views of Witnesses, Prosecutors and Judges on Prosecuting Sexualized Violence during the War of Bosnia and Herzegovina that was the result of three years research project conducted for medica mondiale, Cologne. She is currently PhD Candidate in Women’s studies at the National University of Ireland, Galway. In addition to the research she has been engaged in teaching in areas of gender and transitional justice, feminist critique of nationalism and gender and the Balkans (Gender Studies Program at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies of University of Sarajevo). 



Preliminary Decision, Judicial Council of the Women’s Court for the Former Yugoslavia
Bunch, C; Campbell, Kirsten; Mlinarevic, G; Otto, D; Perovic, L; Rakic Vodinelic, V and Terselic, V. 2015. Preliminary Decision, Judicial Council of the Women’s Court for the Former Yugoslavia. -.