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Reed, Elizabeth

Lizzie is a cultural sociologist whose research and writing focuses on LGBTQ relationships and families, contemporary childhood, and the role of media and cultural representations in identity-making. She is interested in exploring participatory research methods and connecting everyday lived experiences of families to wider social and political trends.

Lizzie joined Goldsmiths in September 2017. Before then she worked at the University of the West of England in Social Psychology, and at the University of Sussex in Media and Cultural Studies. She continues to draw on a range of disciplines in her research and teaching.


Lizzie convenes the option module Childhood Matters, and teaches on Gender, Sexuality, and Media, and Research Methods.


Research Interests

Lizzie’s research interests include LGBTQ lives, queer families and queer-life-building, intimate and domestic lives, and media representation. At present, Lizzie is researching children’s cosplay and how neoliberal narratives of contemporary girlhood are experienced by girls and their parents.



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Reed, Elizabeth. 2018. Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer Motherhood: Crafting Radical Narratives and Representing Social Change through Cultural Representations. Women: A Cultural Review, 29(1), pp. 39-58. ISSN 0957-4042

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