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Paul Stoneman

Paul Stoneman joined the department in 2017 having previously worked for the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) as a Senior Research Fellow, and the University of Surrey as a lecturer in research methodology. He is currently a reviewer for SAGE online methods resources and is co-editor of the recent methods textbook Researching Social Life, 4th edition (with Nigel Gilbert).

Paul's professional activities have consistently involved working across disciplinary divides in the social sciences - notably with sociologists, political scientists, social-psychologists, and anthropologists - as well as consistently working with various methodological orientations and research techniques. His current research activities focus on political ideologies and the new right, accessing safe and affordable housing, as well as public understanding of science and the use of (alternative) medicines. He is happy to discuss supervising doctoral research which overlaps with any of these areas as well as his more general research interests outlined below. 

Paul passionately believes in conducting research that will engage with and inform the knowledge and practices of non-academic audiences. As part of some of these research activities, engagement with relevant stakeholder’s has been crucial. For example:

Working with political authorities:

  • Former Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) - small-area estimation of income statistics;
  • Essex County Council - analysis of the NEET population in Essex;
  • Surrey Country Council - facilitating and designing the Guildford’s ‘resident panel survey’ to inform university/community relations;

Working with charities and third sector organisations:

  • Wellcome Trust - segmentation analysis of public perceptions of science
  • Clarion Housing - HomeSafe and HouseProud projects exploring housing issues for LGBT*Q community
  • Phoenix Community Housing - analysing local population geo-demographics and devising a resident panel survey. 

Working with business and industry:

  • Intel Corporation - analysis of time use data to highlight collective rhythms and behavioural sequences 
  • BDRC Group - longitudinal analyses of personal financial data


Paul is currently the convener for the MSc in Social Research. His main teaching duties are teaching Quantitive Methodology to 1st year undergraduates and Statistical Modelling to postgraduate students. He has previously taught modules on: Work and Social Stratification; Evaluation Research; and Research Methodology for Criminology students. 


Research Interests

Social stratification; Trust in people and trust in authority; Access to safe and affordable housing; Political attitudes and behaviour; Community relations; LGBT*Q issues; Health and medicine; Public understanding of science; Quantitative methodology; Mixed-method research, with a focus on the active integration of methods in research practices.  



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