Kaffe Matthews
Kaffe Matthews

The Unit for Sound Practice Research


Speculative Scores - Lawrence Upton and Collaborators
 - A concert of sound works by Lawrence Upton performed by Upton and his collaborators: Tina Bass, John Levack Drever & Benedict Taylor. Including the first UK performance of Speculative Scores by Upton, Drever and Guy Begbie, a headline performance at e-poetry 2011, Buffalo, USA.
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Phonography Colloquium
“see what you don't hear - hear, what you don't see!”- 
Audio-visual and sonic work by Peter Hölscher, Michael Rüsenberg and Hans-Ulrich Werner.
Phonography as: activism; archive; autopsy; catharsis; composition; design; discovery; documentation; eavesdropping; habit; interpretation; interpose; forecast; mapping; overhearing; reportage; sensitization; simulacra; surveillance; tourism; ventriloquism; vivisection; yardstick …
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Graduate Forum:
"from reporter in sound to drone aesthetics" - sound artist Michael Rüsenberg on his collaborations with Hans-Ulrich Werner.
'Sanitary Ambiance' - Dr John Drever on his latest project, an environmental noise and soundscape study of London’s public toilets.  
Stockhausen, Hugh Davies and Gentle Fire, part 2 - James Mooney on recordings made by late English performer, musicologist and composer Hugh Davies.


Hardware Hacking - Mini Hardware Hacking Workshop with Nicolas Collins

Graduate Music Forum:
Steve Roden: “Some Possible Landscapes”.
Nicholas Collins: “By Hand: Music Before and After Computer”.

Lawrence Upton at 60!
An evening of collaborative and interdisciplinary performances featuring Tina Bass, John Levack Drever, Chris Goode, Mike McInerney and Lawrence Upton.

The Large Scale Immersive Audio Experiment
presented by: Media & Communications Screenshool, Music Department Sound Practice Research Unit, Duran Audio and Illustrious. Participation of MMus and PhD students. Introduction and workshop to the The Large Scale Immersive Audio Experiment by Martyn Ware.

Knowledge Futures:
Live sound event curated by Alex McLean, co founder of Slub and Dorkbot, London supported by Sound and Music and Sound Practice Research.

Masterclass with Sally Potter and Fred Frith
The Department of Media & Communications Screenschool and Sound Practice Research with Adventure Pictures and the BFI present leading British filmmaker Sally Potter and internationally renowned composer, improviser and multi-instrumentalist Fred Frith.
Followed by concert of performances by Fred Frith and Chris Cutler.

Graduate Music Forum:
The Unit for Sound Practice Research presents guest speakers Brandon LaBelle and Kaffe Mathews.

Performing Topology:
Presented by Goldsmiths Screenschool, Sound Practice Research and A Topological Approach to Cultural Dynamics (ATACD), this colloquium explores the use of concepts from the mathematical field of topology, such as transformations, boundaries, fields and continuities as they might be relevant for understanding performance space, embodiment and the sensation of changing space.

SPR Launch:
Concert of interactive audiovisual performance, live algorithmic music, phonography and sound poetry, including performances by John Drever, Michael Young, and AHRC Fellows in the Creative and Performing Arts, Mick Grierson and Lawrence Upton. Daphne Oram Exhibition in collaboration with Sonic Arts Network and AHRC.

Future of Sound/Future of Light:
Symposium & Evening Performance: Graphic Sound: technology, music and science
Keynote speaker: Andrey Smirnov
In collaboration with the Screenschool, Illustrious with support from The National Lottery through Arts Council England and The PRS Foundation and sponsorship in kind from Kinetica Museum, Encore PA Systems, Paul Gillieron Acoustic Design, Arup Acoustics.  
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Art and Soundscapes Series:
Barry Truax, Hildegard Westerkamp, Peter Cusack – symposium with installations and concerts.

London Soundwalk Revisit (Easter 1975/2009):
Revisit of the London Soundwalk as published in the European Sound Diary (1977) by members of the World Soundscape Project: Howard Broomfield, Bruce Davis, Peter Huse, Jean Reed and R. M. Schafer. The 2009 London Soundwalk was devisid by Tsai Wei Chen, Isobel Clouter, Max Dixon, John Levack Drever and Hildegard Westerkamp. Cosponsored by the Noise Futures Network and the Unit for Sound Practice Research, Goldsmiths, University of London. Organised by the UK and Ireland Soundscape Community.
Guest lecture Julien Ottavi on Tudor's Rainforest IV.

Performance/ Installation of Rainforest IV by David Tudor
A10lab, Area10, Apo33, Noise=Noise, Beyond Signal, Fibrr Records & Sound Research Practice. Participation of PhD and MMus students.
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Sound Practice Conference, organised by the Music Department, Goldsmiths, and the UK and Ireland Soundscape Community.
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