Caribbean Communities in Europe was created to develop and maintain further links with Goldsmiths, through STaCS, the local community, ASCC (Afro-Surinamese Cultural Centre) in the Netherlands and with other Caribbean groups in France, St Marten etc.

The general aims and objectives of CACOEU are to promote knowledge of the Caribbean and its diaspora, particularly in Europe. CACOEU also seeks to provide a forum for academics, professionals and lay people to share experiences and ideas, and hopefully create a better understanding.

Activities include small scale community-led research, exhibition of findings; workshops and Saturday school; visits (at members’ expense) to activities in Amsterdam and Paris. These mainly take place at Goldsmiths, in Local Community Centres and in schools (after school projects). There is also a journal ‘CACOEU TALK’ (free to all members).

Membership is open to anyone who shares the aims and objectives of CACOEU. The current annual subscription is £10 (£5 for research students on production of student cards).

Find out more

Contact Dr Petronella Breinburg, c/o Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London, New Cross, London SE14 6NW. You can also contact CACOEU on 020 7919 7096, email p.breinburg (