About the transfer programme


About the partnership

This programme is an exciting opportunity to bring the processes of research and professional practice together involving the two organisations. The City of London Department of Community and Children’s Services – People Directorate offers a range of generic and specialist services and is an ideal location for the development of an integrated approach to the delivery of services and relevant, flexible systems of attendant management and governance.

The Department works closely in engaging with, and addressing, issues of health and well-being that affect residents, community and business organisations. It seeks to sustain and improve approaches to early intervention with individuals, families and communities whilst encouraging independence, the minimisation of risk and building on peoples’ strengths.  To achieve these aims, the Department is committed to supporting staff to develop and refine their skills and use opportunities for continuous professional development over the career lifetime.   

The Department of Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies, Goldsmiths University London has a particular focus on the delivery of professional education and training for a range of health and social care professionals, including social workers, community and youth workers, art psychotherapists, counsellors and dance movement psychotherapists.

Its vision is to equip professionals with critical, reflexive skills that are important in addressing issues of social and health need, social justice and transformative practices. Staff offer a range of specialisms associated with families and children, adult services, community and youth, therapies and faiths based interventions. The Department has an established research and publishing record across these discipline areas.

Objectives of the partnership

The Knowledge Transfer Programme establishes a mutually-beneficial, long-term collaborative relationship whereby the City can access and benefit from the academic research and teaching expertise of Goldsmiths’ staff. Conversely academics will have many opportunities to work alongside staff from the City, in the co-production of research and evaluation projects, teaching and skills development.